What is the Carpal Solution made out of and will it irritate my skin?

The Carpal Solution has been carefully constructed of scientifically documented hypoallergenic polymers and adhesives. Information
on the specific materials is available upon request to [email protected].

The materials of construction are latex-free and it is rare, but occasionally people with unusually sensitive skin may have a reaction to the adhesive. If this occurs, discontinue use of the product and see your physician.

A few patients that have developed a skin allergy from the adhesive material report that they receive such relief from using the Carpal Solution that they are determined to find a way to eliminate the minor skin irritation. These patients with minor skin irritation report that if they gently scrub and assure that any lingering adhesive material is removed from their hand in the morning after removing the Carpal Solution that they can minimize any irritation and continue using the Carpal Solution Therapy for the Six Weeks needed to gain full control of their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms.

Most CTS sufferers find the soft flexible polymeric film in the Carpal solution is comfortable to wear and a welcome change from rigid immobilizing splints and braces.

The Carpal Solution is a remarkable breakthrough in Carpal Tunnel Therapy!

“Fourteen nights in a row with sound sleep. This is remarkable! It required a little more time with my left hand, but over a three week period both hands were feeling better. I am so pleased with this product.”– Jann, -Sales Professional, New Jersey

” I was concerned with the Carpal Tunnel surgery, since I knew people who had the surgical procedure with poor results.  So, I ordered the Carpal Solution from the USA.  The package arrived in two weeks and I would have to say The Carpal Solution is the best medical product I have ever purchased.   I first used the therapy about three years ago and after the six weeks, my symptoms were gone.  I use my hands a lot in Marine service and maintenance.  It requires a lot of torque on my hands and wrists daily.   My symptoms came back after three years.  So, I ordered again.   It is wonderful to have a reliable product I can depend on whenever my hand pain and numbness comes back.” –George – Auckland, New Zealand

“I wore the Carpal Solution for fourteen nights. My left hand is now fine, it is remarkable, but my right hand may still require surgery, I will keep doing the six week protocol and then make a decision…”– Linda, Cashier – Indianapolis, Indiana