did you know you can cure carpal tunnel at home without surgery

Surgery for Carpal Tunnel seems so extreme and I cannot afford the lost time away from work. Is there a natural treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that works at home?

Question by Melissa – Website Designer. Syracuse, New York

Answer by Doctors:

Is There A Natural Treatment For Carpal Tunnel SyndromeGreat Question Melissa! It is a common fallacy to think that Carpal Tunnel Surgery is a permanent fix and the only way to seriously treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The truth is that surgery is not a permanent solution and only has a 50 – 60 % success rate based on patient surveys. CTS comes back after surgery for 85% of people. So, your instincts to avoid surgery are correct.

Doctors have developed a natural home remedy that works for 97% of people suffering with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. It is called the Carpal Solution Treatment, because it is: “The Solution” to this chronic hand condition for most people.

You simply treat yourself at night during sleep with these comfortable disposable tape devices that keep your hand in a state of gentle traction. You set the tension when you put them on with this intuitive mechanism. You attach the first strap to one side of your palm and then wrap the device around the back of your hand and stretch the circular cut out in the elastic material to an oval shape. Then you attach the other straps around the thumb on the opposite side of your palm. The Carpal Solution Devices gently stretches your hand passively for eight hours while your sleep.

224 Hours of Gentle Stretching Therapy in Six Weeks

success is the sum of small efforts
discover how the carpal solution works

You apply the Carpal Solution each night for two weeks and then every other night for four weeks. The accumulated stretching therapy amounts to 224 hours for gentle targeted stretching action. This is a classic case where seemingly small efforts consistently applied have powerful results. The Carpal Solution is the most powerful first line treatment you can do to cure Carpal Tunnel Pain. Gentle pressure consistently applied again has amazing results.

Don’t despair, follow the direction of leading Doctors with a proven home treatment system that is clinically documented to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and put it in complete remission for years after just a 6 Week Treatment Protocol. Most people find that they get rid of their worst symptoms in three weeks and complete remission in just Six Weeks.

Take heart there is a Natural Cure For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You don’t need to wait and worry suffering any more. Get started today with a home remedy developed by Doctors. Treat your Carpal Tunnel Condition at night during sleep. What could be more convenient?

There is hope for your carpal tunnel pain

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It is true, seemingly small efforts applied in an educated way
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