Mother and Musician Finds Answer to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain in Virginia

mother finds solution to carpal tunnelI have been having problems off an on for years with numb hands and tingling fingers, but in the past year my carpal tunnel symptoms have become rather severe. The pain would wake me up in the middle of the night, and I could find NOTHING that would relieve the nerve pain that was running through my hand and back up my arm to my shoulder.

I’ve tried many treatments for CTS including: 800 mg of Advil, double dosing with Aleve, cycling heat and ice therapy, and even banging my hand against the wall in desperation trying to wake it up from being so numb. But nothing seemed to help. No matter what I did, it would still hurt so badly.

mother of two finds carpal tunnel cureMy doctor referred me to a hand surgeon, but I never went because I don’t have time right now with a toddler to be handless for a couple of weeks after surgery. I have tried wearing a carpal tunnel wrist splint, but that seemed to make my symptoms worse!

I recently met a young lady who was wearing a cast, because the rigid brace that she was wearing for her carpal tunnel syndrome appears to have damaged or fractured her wrist because she was wearing it so tightly. She showed me her other wrist which was red and inflamed from the brace as well. That scared me.

I started seeing a chiropractor, and found relief from the pain from his massage therapy, but after 6 weeks, I seemed to hit a plateau in the chiropractic carpal tunnel treatment effectiveness. I was still waking with numbness in the morning, and my hand would go numb immediately when I tried to write, type, play guitar, or hold the phone. When I found the Carpal Solution on the internet one night when I was up and in pain, I was a little skeptical, because I have tried so many things that did not work. I was leery of the price, but I was desperate. I was afraid I’d be one the ones for which the Carpal Solution didn’t work, since I have hypothyroid and I read the disclaimer.

I have been using the Carpal Solution Therapy for almost 2 weeks every night and I have noticed a big difference!

My hand is not numb when I awake in the morning, I have no more excruciating pain, and my hand rarely goes numb when I use it for above mentioned tasks. I am still wearing a small wrist immobilizer (loosely) to keep from curling my wrists in my sleep. I see improvement every day using the Carpal Solution.

I am a believer! I just ordered a Carpal Solution One Year Maintenance Therapy Pac, and I am taking the info to my chiropractor this week so he can recommend it too. I will recommend this therapy to everyone I meet that has carpal tunnel. I find there are a lot of people like me who have tried all the conventional methods without success. It is so great to finally find a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that works! Thank you so much for helping me to avoid surgery!

Sandy H. – Active Mother , Guitar Musician, Mechanicsville, Virginia.

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Like Sandy, many people find that chiropractic massage therapy for Carpel Tunnel is helpful to them and they like the fact that it requires no downtime and does not involve invasive surgical procedures, but most find that they cannot access the Chiropractic Carpal Tunnel Treatment consistently enough to break the cycle of pain associated with this annoying and disturbing syndrome.

The limits in time visiting the Chiropractic Clinic and the costs constraints usually lead users to look for alternative medical treatments, like the Carpal Solution Therapy, that offer the same results at less cost and with less downtime traveling and waiting in clinics.

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With the Carpal Solution you get the consistent gentle massage stretching therapy that you need consistently over the Six Week Protocol needed to reshape the fascia tissue in the hand and relieve pressure on the Median Nerve and enhance blood circulation to the narrow Carpel Tunnel passage where most of the tendons, nerves and blood vessels pass to control the sensitivity, motion and functionality of the hand.

Many of the leading Chiropractic Clinics around the country are now offering the Carpal Solution as an alternative Carpal Tunnel Treatment that is all natural and works for over 97% of patients. Shouldn’t you try the Carpal Solution before your spend a lot of time and money and expose yourself to the risks of surgery.

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