“I am Pregnant and the surgeon said he can’t help me. The only thing that helps me a little is Tylenol, but I have to take it at levels way above the recommended dose?   That scares me.   I am graphics artist and need to earn an income to make our house payment. I am caught in the middle. What can I do?”


Cincinnati, Ohio

Carpal Tunnel Answers by Doctors:

That is a difficult position to be in and probably the source of significant anxiety for you and your husband.   Don’t despair, despite your seemly bleak situation, there are options for you to treat your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without resorting to Surgery, Steroid Injections or Oral Pain Medication.   Doctors have developed natural treatment options for Carpal Tunnel that do not present any risks to Pregnant women and no risks for their unborn child either.

Pregnant women often feel symptoms of depression due to this type of hopeless situation.   Pregnancy is a time for hope in the future, and not a time for despair. So, shake it off and let’s get to the solution.

There are two mechanisms where CTS creates its cycle of pain, numbness and sleepless nights.   The first is the soft tissue surrounding the Carpal Tunnel loses its flexibility and contracts upon the Median Nerve in the Carpal Tunnel.   The second mechanism, is created by pressure that builds up either from inflammation of the injured soft tissue, or water retention from the pregnancy or both contributing to create external pressure squeezing the Median Nerve.

The key with natural Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment is to restore the flexibility to the soft tissue to ease the pinching action on the Nerve and restore full blood circulation to the injured tissue to disperse the lymphatic fluid and water retention.   Interestingly, this can be done through consistent gentle stretching therapy for eight hours per day.

“Doctors have developed a Therapy that you can apply at night during sleep that gently stretches your hands for eight hours each night.”

Eight hours per day of stretching exercises sounds like a lot of stretching. There would not be time to do anything else in the day if you did this during waking hours.   Doctors have developed a Therapy that you can apply at night during sleep that gently stretches your hands for eight hours each night. It is called the Carpal Solution Therapy.

The Carpal Solution is the perfect way for a woman to treat Carpal Tunnel during pregnancy. There is no medication required; no rigid restrictive and uncomfortable wrist splints; and no injections necessary. Best of all most people get relief from their worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms within two to three weeks and complete remission within Six Weeks of natural stretching therapy during sleep.

There is no reason to worry long-term about Carpal Tunnel Surgery. The Carpal Solution works for over 97% of people generally. For pregnant women the success rate is still high, but it is slightly less successful, at about 85%. This is because there are so many factors affecting your body during pregnancy.

So, take heart. There is no reason to despair or feel like you are caught in the middle and certainly do not succumb to feelings of depression or hopelessness.

The Carpal Solution comes with a full money back guarantee and it is reimbursed by health insurance.

Just get your OB to prescribe a Hand Finger Orthosis for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   We can help you with the Insurance codes and paperwork.

what treatment can i do whilst pregnant for carpal tunnel ?

“I was so worried during my pregnancy when my hands got numb and tingly.   They woke me up at night regularly. Sometimes the pain was intense in my fingers and wrists. It made it hard to work at the computer and with my maternity leave coming up, my husband and I needed the money for all the upcoming expenses.

I did not know where to turn and my husband came through.   He found the Carpal Solution on the internet and it was my cure.

I was back to sleeping through the night within a week. I can work all day without any pain. The Carpal Solution was a life saver. I am so thankful for my husband and the Carpal Solution. I recommend it to everyone I meet that has Carpal Tunnel.  ”

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