What should I do if hand discomfort increases during the first few nights of Carpal Solution Therapy?

Getting Through the Soft Tissue Transition Period

Dr. Morgan recommends that if discomfort increases during the first two weeks of therapy that you continue with the six week protocol through this Soft Tissue Transition Period. Many patients have found that they can control short term discomfort using safe, over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, oral pain medication (commonly referred to in medicine as Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs or NSAID) . NSAID’s that are generally considered safe and most effective by the medical community include ibuprofen and naproxen (Some of the common brand names are: Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc.).

NSAIDs that should be avoided include COX-2 inhibitors such as VIOX or Celebrex which have recently have been associated with serious heart and circulatory side effects.

People more comfortable with natural pain relievers may want to try: Curcumin (which is derive from a plant in southern India that is thought to be rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds) which some claim has been useful as a Prednisone alternative, or Bromolain which is derived from the pineapple and has anti-inflammatory properties associated with it.

Oral pain medication can minimize the discomfort while going through the Soft Tissue Transition Period. This Soft Tissue Transition Period can take less than one night or up to four weeks depending on the person and their condition. Each Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferer tends to have his or her own unique conditions associated with the syndrome depending on the various combinations of contributing factors. There are over a dozen common contributing factors to CTS. Most people get through the Transition in one to five nights.

CTS sufferers should be careful to follow the directions on the oral pain medication container or seek the advice of their physician for guidance on taking pain medication at levels above that prescribed on the label of the medication. Oral pain medication is usually intended to control short term bouts of pain, such as that which may be encountered during the Soft Tissue Transition Period. In fact the safe oral NSAIDs are ideal for helping people get through any possible discomfort while following the Carpal Solution Six Week Protocol designed by Dr. Morgan. CTS sufferers should not use oral pain medication for periods longer than directed on the label unless they are guided by the supervision of a licensed physician.

Side effects from long term use or exceeding dosage recommendations with oral pain medication include gastrointestinal complications and in the case of COX-2 inhibitors heart complications. It is essential that you always used oral pain medications as directed on the label or by your physician.

Even though the Carpal Solution can require enduring the short Soft Tissue Transition Period, most people agree it is well worth the effort to be pain free, sleeping through the night soundly, awaking refreshed, without Carpal Tunnel surgery, without Carpal Tunnel wrist splints, without downtime and without Steroids. The Carpal Solution works for over 97% of the people that try it. You can take confidence that the Carpal Solution was developed by a doctor working first with his wife and then with thousands of patients. These people know what they are doing and can guide you through the process to conquer your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Nuerologists Call The Carpal Solution a better way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You will likely call it a Carpal Tunnel Cure.

Testimonial – “On the Fifteenth Day of Therapy my wrists felt ‘different,’ like something had shifted.”

“I was diagnosed with moderate carpal tunnel in my right wrist in June after a nerve conduction test and though they didn’t test my left wrist, I had pain but no sensations in my fingers like in my right hand. I got some braces for both hands and wore them for 4 months along with naproxen (pain reliever). I had constant pain. It even hurt when I watched TV. I couldn’t find a comfortable position for my hands. The orthopedic doctor told me that in my case the treatment was surgery. End of story. He said the cortisone injections wouldn’t work in my case. I was very hesitant to do surgery because my sister has had multiple surgeries for both wrists for carpal tunnel and she still has pain. In fact, wearing the braces elicits comments from people all the time and many people tell me not to have surgery because they did and theirs is worse because of scar tissue. One lady even told me she lost function in her little finger when the surgeon accidentally cut a nerve during surgery.

I found The Carpal Solution one day when I was so frustrated and in pain that I was considering surgery despite all the negatives I had heard about it. I read every page about the carpal solution and I was especially impressed with the award it had won for best home healthcare product of the year in 2004. I wondered if it really would work, so I used duct tape on my hands similar to how the carpal solution is placed. My hands felt better instantly with some of the pressure taken off my nerve. That convinced me. The duct tape was very uncomfortable, but I got the idea that the carpal solution may really work. I ordered it immediately and received it 2 days later.

My wrists felt better immediately but my fingers were still icy and numb. Over the next few days, the pain in my wrists intensified. My fingers got icier and number. The website says that the pain may get worse before it gets better but to hang in there and that moderate carpal tunnel will probably feel better in a week or so. Mine didn’t. It continued to be very painful. I was getting doubtful, but then on the 15th day, my wrists felt “different,” like something had shifted. I hadn’t felt that sensation in 4 months, so I took it as a ray of hope that maybe I really would get better. The ray of hope felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I continued to use the Carpal Solution and have been using it for 5 weeks. Two weeks ago I was able to stop using my braces!!! My pain and icy and numb fingers continues to diminish and it is almost 100% gone!!! I still wear my braces at night as a preventative so I don’t curl my wrists under while I sleep. My husband says that I do that.

This product really does work. I showed it to my doctor and chiropractor who both thought it looked great. My orthopedic doctor wondered why he had never heard of it and my chiropractor said the tape positions are exactly what chiropractic recommends to open up the area. He says he is going to research the product. My orthopedic doctor wrote me a referral for it and my workers comp is paying for it.

If you doubt that it works, read the entire website (www.mycarpaltunnel.com) and for sure about the award it won and the medical panel that votes for the product of the year. Try it!! You have nothing to lose!! I think there is even a money back guarantee.”


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