Musical Instrument Repair Specialist Finds Relief from Carpal Tunnel

musical-instr-specialistJust as proficiently playing a musical instrument requires extreme dedication, accuracy, discipline and hand / wrist dexterity, the artistic capability needed to build and maintain the unique functionality of musical instruments requires similar dedication, specialized hand and wrist skills, attention to detail, and specialized knowledge of music.

The intense hand and finger activity required to repair Musical instruments often result in similar types of repetitive stress induced injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

George is a music repair specialists and wood craftsman, who works with several metropolitan symphonies on the east coast. Maintaining musical instruments and equipment in perfect tone and repair is a demanding and well paid profession.

George at age forty found himself at the peak of the profession and yet he started to experience classic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms. When the symptoms started to routinely wake him up at night, he knew he needed to take action. Like many busy professionals, taking down time for a surgical solution would be costly. It also scared him to think that it is common to loose range of motion and grip strength in his hands and wrists even after such an extreme action as surgery, not to mention the long rehab period and potential risk for worse symptoms in 10 to 15 percent of cases. George decided that Surgery was not an option for him. He had to find another option.

The Carpal Solution was suggested to him by a musician friend of his from an orchestra where he works. George decided to try the Carpal Solution Six Week Therapy Pac based on the endorsement he received. He said it would be great to get my hands back to normal just wearing this little stretching device at night, but it seemed improbable.

After the first week using the Carpal Solution , it was clear that his symptoms were improving, was it the ergonomics he was now trying to employ or was it the Carpal Solution. He was not sure.

By the end of the second week, it was clear the Carpal Solution had provided relief for all of his symptoms. The new ergonomic tools had been in place for a couple of months and had not had this impact so quickly.

By the end of the Six Week Protocol, George’s skepticism was converted into a convinced believer. George now says, it is so good to have a solid therapy like the Carpal Solution that he can depend upon to keep his Carpal Tunnel numbness in check and stay on the job he is so passionate about with no downtime and no compromise in his pursuit of perfect tone for the instruments he works on. “The Carpal Solution is the real deal!”, he said.

George – Musical Instrument Repair – Wilmington, Delaware, USA