Signs Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What are some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and how can a concerned patient know the signs to look for to be sure of the nature and cause of their frustrating and debilitating condition?

What are some of the signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

CTS symptoms may include swelling sensations in the wrists, fingers, forearms, or hands, decreased blood circulation and poor lymphatic fluid exchange resulting in inflammation and swelling, sleep interruption due to numb and tingling hands and fingers, aching in the forearm, elbow, shoulder and neck and even sometimes emanating from the thoracic cavity in the chest. Also, hand and finger clumsiness are typical. People are commonly dropping things – this can be really annoying – When your favorite coffee mug crashes into pieces or you drop an important tool or prototype at work.

In more severe cases, carpal tunnel syndrome patients report inhibited movement throughout the hand, wrist, and finger complex, a dramatic loss of fine motor control, and other ancillary health ailments, such as reflexive sympathetic dystrophy, fibromyalgia, and pain expanding outside of the extremities radiating up the median nerve to the shoulder and neck.

CTS can be a contributing factor to mental stress resulting in depression due to routine sleep loss and loss of physical functionality of the hands. Psychological stress is also a contributing factor to CTS. Hence a vicious cycle can be created with chronic CTS. Those familiar with the condition know that it is not to be taken lightly. Knowing the early warning signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is important to taking the right therapeutic action, catching it early and knowing when it is flaring up again. It is also beneficial to know the contributing causes of Carpal Tunnel. You can review the information on this website before meeting with your doctor to help identify what metabolic factors or repetitive strain activities might be contributing. You can also work on ergonomics in your work station to minimize repetitive stress injury type of movements.

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While carpal tunnel syndrome can sometimes be caused by trauma, such as wrist injuries, tissue abnormalities, or a host of metabolic conditions, the vast majority of America’s 20-million-plus CTS sufferers have acquired the condition thanks to routine subtle stress of repetitive physical tasks such as computer programming, data entry job, playing a musical instrument, playing golf or tennis, hair styling, or carpentry work and the like. In fact, almost any job where you use your fingers, hands and wrist routinely in the same way over and over again can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

CTS sufferers come from every social strata and profession, including athletes, golfers, tennis players, musicians, professional drivers, assembly line workers, meat packers, video game players, blackberry users, stenographers, hairdressers, lawyers, publishing editors, etc.

The difficult this is that you cannot give up what you do without altering your lifestyle significantly. Most people do not want to do that. Why change careers or give up hobbies you love if you do not have to?

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the vast majority of Americas 20 million plus CTS sufferers have acquired the condition thanks to routine subtle stress of repetitive physical tasks

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