Medical Transcriptionist Cures Carpal Tunnel During Sleep in Toronto Canada

Jean called yesterday and told us her Carpal Tunnel Journey. Jean is a medical transcriptionist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She spends anywhere from 8 to 10 hours per day in front of her computer transcribing documents from Doctors’ digital dictation files.

Jean performs these transcription services from her home. “It has been a great job, because I can easily fit it into my busy day since I do not have to commute.” she said. “My carpal tunnel pain was so bad that I thought I was going to have to find another profession. Carpal Tunnel would wake her up several times each night with numb, painful hands. It was also slowing her down at work, so it would take twice as long to do the same amount of transcribing.

Thanks to the Carpal Solution she is able to perform her work load in a normal work day. It took 4 weeks of using the Carpal Solution to reach the pain-free stage. Jean started sleeping through the night after 7 days for the first time in years.

Medical Transcriptionist Cures Carpal Tunnel

She said, “I feel so much better in the morning after a full night of sleep and I am less tired and groggy in the afternoon.”

She sometimes wears the Carpal Solution while she is working and it really helps. In the first weeks of treatment Jean told us she could transcribe with the Carpal Solution on her hand at almost double her keystroke rate compared to when she is not wearing the Carpal Solution. She has increased her typing speed by 87%. “That means less hours working and more time with family and friends and doing my hobbies.” She said.

Jean said she is very happy with the results she got from the Carpal Solution Six Week Package and congratulated First Hand Medical on developing the Carpal Solution Treatment.

stress and work load on the keyboard for long hours is a perfect storm for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with symptoms like hand pain, wrist pain and hand numbness.

Jean said, “I was on the verge of having surgery when I heard about the Carpal Solution from a friend who recommended it as a better alternative treatment to surgery. I have not given surgery a second thought, since I started using The Carpal Solution Treatment!”

She said, “The Carpal Solution is the best medical product I have ever purchased. I was a little nervous about buying a medical product online, but with my friend’s recommendation and after reading the doctors’ background who develop it, I knew it would be a good decision. I am so glad I went forward on my friend’s recommendation.”

“It is so easy to use the Carpal Solution, you just wear it at night when sleeping so there is no downtime and no uncomfortable restrictive splints needed. It is comfortable to wear and I hardly notice it is on my hand after the first 15 minutes. I actually wear it during working hours too. The instructions from the Doctors say you can wear it up to 16 hours per day and then you need a break for at least 8 hours to allow your hand to breath and have normal movement without stretching.”

“This treatment is my Solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.” If you are suffering and in a quandary about what to do, the Carpal Solution will likely help you too. It helped my friend who is a graphic designer and it helped me as a medical transcription professional. It will probably help you too! It sure beats the heck out of Carpal Tunnel Surgery!”

court reporter cures carpal tunnel at home

Court Reporters and Medical Transcriptionists have a lot of stress because what they do must be accurate. The combination of stress and work load on the keyboard for long hours is a perfect storm for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with symptoms like hand pain, wrist pain and hand numbness.

There is no reason to go on suffering and limiting your income due to slow productivity and longer hours at work.

Neurologists, the nerve experts in the medical community, say the Carpal Solution Treatment is the best alternative treatment to Carpal Tunnel Surgery and that a non-invasive treatment that is clinically documented and registered with the FDA, like the Carpal Solution Therapy, should always be utilized before resorting to steroid injections or a Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure.

We have come a long way since the original clunky gramophone recording equipment.  Today Doctors, Attorneys, Court Reporters, and Medical Transcriptionist use digital recordings that can be recorded with an iPhone and sent anywhere in a matter of minutes.  The treatment of Carpal Tunnel has also made remarkable advancement. Most people (over 97%) can treat themselves in the comfort of home without subjecting themselves to the risks and downtime of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Join the modern era of Carpal Tunnel Treatment and order the Carpal Solution 6 Week Treatment Package today.

You will be glad you did.

The Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has also come a long way since splints steroids and surgery
The Carpal Solution Night Time Therapy has a 97 percent success rate
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