Doctor Michelle Robin, DC Wellness Expert

Wellness Expert – Chief Wellness Officer speaks on Carpal Tunnel Treatment Best Practices

Dr Robin discusses how to treat carpal tunnel pain

Dr. Michelle Robin is celebrating 25 years in practice as a leading chiropractor and wellness expert. She is an international speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host on Wellness and Preventative Medicine.

Dr. Robin is the founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Your Wellness Connection, P.A., Kansas City’s first and one of the nation’s most successful integrative healing centers.

She supports best practices in the natural treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and supports Carpal Tunnel Prevention principles.

As a wellness and natural health expert, Dr Robin recommends The Carpal Solution as the Best First Line Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

She said: “Using the Carpal Solution Treatment, most patients can heal naturally and avoid the risks and complications associated with Steroid Injections and Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedures. Carpal Tunnel is caused by trapped inflammation and injured soft tissue that contracts pinching the Median Nerve. The key is to jump-start the body’s natural healing processes by restoring full blood circulation and unblocking lymphatic fluid exchange. Once the body’s natural healing processes are restored, it will heal Carpal Tunnel naturally and break the cycle of pain and numbness. Natural Treatment of a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel is always the best approach when it works for such a high percentage of people. The Carpal Solution works for 97% of patients and is the best way to start treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

Your Wellness Connection focuses on alternative medical disciplines such as:

• Chiropractic Medicine,

• Chinese Medicine,

• Energy Medicine,

• Naturopathic Medicine,

• Functional Medicine,

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy,

• Counseling, Nutritional and Wellness Coaching, and

• movement arts

Early in her practice, Dr. Robin learned the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine while studying under her mentor, Dr. Richard Yennie. Over time, these teachings along with her experience in practice, led Dr. Robin to create The Quadrants of Wellbeing as the foundation of her work. The Quadrants of Wellbeing is a simple framework for whole being wellness, inclusive of: mechanical, chemical, energetic, and psychospiritual wellness.

Dr. Robin follows The Quadrants of Wellbeing for her personal wellness, with all her clients, and teaches it to other wellness practitioners from a variety of disciplines and modalities. She shares it when she speaks at conferences and when she’s consulting to companies on corporate wellness. She’s shared it in her books, blogs and podcast over the years as well.

In early 2017 Dr. Robin embarked on a goal to reach 1 Million people with the message that small changes, like using the Carpal Solution Home Treatment Kit, can create big shifts in wellbeing.

That makes wellness doable for everyone – no matter where they are on the spectrum of healthy living.

She created a website and video series to more clearly explain each Quadrant and provide access to experts, ideas, real world stories of healing, as well as tools and resources for you. That includes her latest book, Small Changes, Big Shifts: Put the Odds in Your Favor.

You can download an interactive eBook version for free HERE (you can also buy a printed version on that page).

She is also the author several authoritative books on Wellness and Health including:

  • The E Factor: Engage, Energize, Enrich – 3 Steps to Vibrant Health,
  • Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life,
  • as well as its’ companion curriculum, The Wellness on a Shoestring Program,
  • and co-author of the bestseller:  Succeeding In Spite of Everything

She also has a series of four mini-books called “Choose Wellness” that are written for different age groups of kids, ages 2 to 21, and adults.

The “Choose Wellness” series also includes a mini-book for the health of your furry family members, Wellness on a Leash.

She also believes that words matter and has created a deck of 52 Inspirational Quote Cards.

You can find all of these items in her online shop HERE.

Dr. Robin also consults with businesses and non-profit organizations developing wellness programs. She has spoken on improving individual well-being as well as creating a culture of wellness, to a wide variety of groups and organizations such as:

  • YMCA of Greater Kansas City,
  • Young Presidents Organization (YPO),
  • AMC Theaters,
  • Vistage,
  • Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program,
  • University of Kansas,
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City,
  • Unity Church (throughout the U.S.),
  • Go Red for Women
  • Working Mother Magazine’s Work Life Congress,
  • Speaking of Women’s Health Conference,
  • UMB Bank,
  • Harley Davidson, etc.

“I recommend The Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment Kit as the best first line of treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without reservation. It is one of the best natural treatment programs I have come across.”

Dr. Robin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Washburn University and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College. She has received post-graduate education from a number of institutions, including Parker College of Chiropractic, Logan College of Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic College and Northwestern Health Sciences University.

“Some patients are confused by the simplicity of the Carpal Solution Treatment approach, but I remind them to keep in mind that:‘Small Changes Often Lead to Big Shifts’.”

In 2007 The Masters Circle nationally recognized Dr. Robin as: “Chiropractor of the Year”.

Other awards bestowed on Dr. Robin include designation as one of the Kansas City Business Journal’s: “Women Who Mean Business” (2003); designation by the Kansas City Small Business Monthly as one of the “Top 25 under 25 Small Business” (2002); and the House of Menuha Community Service Award (2005).

Most recently Dr. Robin received the Speaking of Women’s Health “Glow” award (2010) and the eWomenNetwork Femtor “Made it to a Million” Award (2011). She is a regular contributing writer to various publications.

As an active member of the community, Dr. Robin has held a variety of non-profit board positions including: YMCA, Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, KC Free Health Clinic, SAFEHOME, Menorah Legacy Foundation, Turning Point, as well as served on committees for WIN For KC, Speaking of Women’s Health, Go Red for Women, etc.

Take it from a Medical Wellness Expert: “When trying to avoid the risks and downtime of invasive medical procedures, like steroid injections and Carpal Tunnel Surgery, the best medical practice is to seek proven clinical treatments that work through the body’s natural healing processes, like the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment Kit.”

“I depend on the Carpal Solution Treatment as a preventative treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for my own hands. As a busy Chiropractic Expert and Wellness Expert, Author and Speaker, as well as running a large successful Wellness Clinic, I cannot afford to have downtime due to aching hands and painful wrists or numb hands. I use the Carpal Solution regularly and have been able to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for 20 years.

I also recommend the Carpal Solution to my Patients as the best first line approach for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   It works for 97% of patients and it is safe and effective.  There is no reason to expose yourself to the risks of Carpal Tunnel Surgery, when Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not a permanent fix for most patients.”

“The Carpal Solution Treatment is my “Go To” treatment whenever I start feeling pain in my hands or wrist after a busy day.   If you suffer with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, don’t wait for it to worsen.  Take proactive steps to assure your hand wellness now and in the future with the Carpal Tunnel Natural Therapy that works.   Take it from a Naturopath, who relies on the Carpal Solution Home Remedy Treatment.  Simply stated the Carpal Solution works!”

Do achy numb hands wake you up at night?

Consistent healthy sleep is one of the keystones to wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Get Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief at Night with The Carpal Solution Treatment.

“Why let aching hands wake you up in the middle of the night multiple times. Don’t let Hands Waking You Up with Carpal Tunnel Pain destroy your sound sleep. The Carpal Solution puts most people in a position to sleep through the night within the first week or 10 days of the 6-week treatment protocol.”
Doctor Robin

Doctor Robin said:

“When Patients ask about Carpal Tunnel Surgery, as a Wellness Advocate and proponent of natural healing, I have to say Carpal Tunnel Surgery should be considered a last resort in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

“The Carpal Solution Treatment Kit is too effective at jump-starting natural healing to ignore. Most people are able to put their worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms in remission within 3 weeks and achieve complete remission of this chronic hand condition within 6 weeks by just wearing this comfortable stretching treatment device at night.”

“Why wouldn’t a patient or doctor start with a non-invasive treatment that works for such a high percentage of people suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? The Carpal Solution Treatment Kit is safe with no complications and works for 97% of people. That is natural healing at its best.”

“While I don’t have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I do get the initial symptoms in my hands with all the intense work I do in Chiropractic Medicine with my hands. I use the Carpal Solution Treatment Kit personally as a Preventive Wellness Treatment to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome altogether. I have been using the Carpal Solution Treatment Kit to Prevent Carpal Tunnel for over 15 years. It works for me and I have seen it provide remarkable healing results for my patients.”

Carpal Solution Home Treatment Kit Number 1 Doctor Recommended

“I recommend The Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment Kit as the best first line of treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without reservation. It is one of the best natural treatment programs I have come across.”

“Some patients are confused by the simplicity of the Carpal Solution Treatment approach, but I remind them to keep in mind that ‘Small Changes Often Lead to Big Shifts’. In fact, I wrote a book about how small changes in natural medicine can affect big improvements. The Carpal Solution Hand Stretching Treatment Kit is a great example of this principle in action.”

“I strongly encourage all my patients to avoid being skeptical of seemingly simple or small regimen changes. The body has a powerful ability to heal itself when the small things blocking natural healing are removed. Believing in your body’s potential to heal itself is a key part of being well and relying on natural healing methods like the Carpal Solution Treatment Program.”


“In general, Natural Healing and Wellness Requires Acts of Faith. This certainly applies to the Carpal Solution Treatment. Some patients dismiss this simple stretching treatment because it is so simple, but consistent gentle stretching of injured soft tissue restores full nutrient rich blood circulation and unblocks lymphatic fluid movement.”

“These are key components of how the body heals soft tissue injuries naturally. The Carpal Solution also restores flexibility to the injured soft tissue that can become rigid and contract creating more pressure on the Median Nerve.”

“The Carpal Solution allows your body to move out trapped inflammation and restores flexibility to the injured tissue as it smothers it with nutrients while providing gentle stretching action consistently for over 220 hours in a six-week period. Frankly, there is no other way to achieve this type of gentle, consistent, targeted stretching provided by the Carpal Solution.”

Dr Jerome Grossman Harvard MD Director Kennedy School Title founder medical expert

Doctor Jerome Grossman of Harvard’s Kennedy School said,

“Wellness experts can provide amazing insights into how the body can heal itself when allowed to do so. Dr. Michelle Robin is a wellness expert with remarkable ability and accomplishment.”

“Her endorsement of the Carpal Solution Treatment to her patients and her personal use of this natural healing method to prevent the onset of Carpal Tunnel, is a powerful statement of affirmation. Thank You Doctor Robin for sharing your professional opinion as a wellness expert on natural healing.”