Why is the Carpal Tunnel Treatment Guarantee Only 30 Days for the Carpal Tunnel Treatment?

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Answers by Doctors at First Hand Medical

Good questions Ryan, most people get relief of their worst symptoms within a week to three weeks, so they know that it is working well before the 30 Days. If you get close to the 30 days and you are unsure about your natural healing status, you can call First Hand Medical and extend the warrantee by another 10 days. Once you put your worst symptoms behind you, you get complete remission within 6 weeks and it can go away for up to 11 years, but it is usually about 2 – 7 years for most people. Once it starts working you can proceed with confidence knowing that the factors that were blocking your natural healing of Carpal Tunnel have been eliminated. Once unleashed, your natural healing power, will continue through the rest of the treatment protocol.

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Some people make the mistake of stopping the treatment as soon as their most annoying symptoms go into remission. The reason this is a mistake is Carpal Tunnel comes back, it is a cyclical condition that reoccurs even after Carpal Tunnel Surgery. That’s right, many people are surprised to learn that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome returns even after a Successful Carpal Tunnel Release Surgical Procedure for over 90% of patients within 10 years.

Your body requires a minimum of 6 weeks for complete natural healing process of soft tissue injuries in general. Sometimes, this process can take longer for a variety of causes that slow down your body’s natural healing process. However, the body is somewhat miraculous in its ability to heal itself when we remove the barriers to its natural healing process. The immune system is the most powerful force for natural healing, but it can get shut down by trapped inflammation, trapped lymphatic fluid and injured soft tissue that has lost its flexibility and contracts on capillary blood vessels restricting nutrient rich blood flow below normal levels.

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First Hand Medical’s guarantee is that we can help you jump start your body’s natural healing process and once that gets going, you can have confidence you will get completely better and put Carpal Tunnel Symptoms in complete remission for years for most people. Because CTS is cyclical, once you have it in remission, it usually goes away for years.

There are over 15 different underlying causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So, there are a wide variety of responses to any Carpal Tunnel Treatment regimen with this disturbing hand condition. This is why patients report only a 60% success rate with invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery. There are many physiological conditions that will cause CTS to reoccur more rapidly or be more persistent in some people.

We have developed special natural healing protocols to help you achieve healing in your hand, wrist and forearm for most situations to help people remove the barriers and jump start their natural healing processes.

These protocols have been carefully developed by Doctors working with patients. We are your partner in achieving natural healing in your hand and wrist and are committed to your success in avoiding the risks, downtime and complications associated with Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

You can move forward with confidence pursing natural healing in the best way possible for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with the backing of First Hand Medical.

We have helped over 120,000 people achieve natural healing and put Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in remission for years. Patients are so happy when the get better naturally and avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

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It is satisfying to work in this field and help so many people in crisis get their life back to normal.

The Carpal Solution Quick Facts:

  • It is an all-natural carpal tunnel treatment.
  • It is safe and has no downtime.
  • It is clinically documented to work.
  • It is Convenient, with treatment during sleep.
  • It works for 97% of people with Carpal Tunnel.
  • The Carpal Solution was developed by a Doctor working with patients.
  • It is patented medical technology.
  • It has been registered with the FDA.
  • It has been used by over 100,000 people.
  • When it comes back after 2 to 7 years, you simply repeat the nighttime treatment.
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