Pregnancy, Water Retention, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A “pickles and ice cream” image is fairly accurate in describing the unique food cravings –and aversions–that sometimes accompany pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s taste bud changes often reflect changes in her nutritional needs. Such changes are partly due to the rapidly increasing nourishment needs of the developing fetus and partly to other physiological variations that affect absorption and metabolism of nutrients. The accelerate growth rate is typical of any early stage biological process and can often take a newly pregnant women by surprise. These changes and increase in appetite help insure normal development of the baby and help fulfill the subsequent demands of lactation and nursing a new born infant.

Women who have been diligent about controlling their personal weight through careful and even restrictive diets before pregnancy are usually wisely counseled to proactively increase their caloric, protein and overall nourishment during pregnancy.

Throughout pregnancy the developing fetus could be put at risk by any kind of restrictive diet. During these nine months every moment in the womb counts for full normal development of a health baby. In fact, there is a critical relationship between maternal weight gain and the healthy growth and development of the baby in the womb. It is just one of the many sacrifices a mother-to-be tends to make for the gift of life. The time to control weight again will be after a successful delivery of a healthy baby.

Pregnancy, Water Retention and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Unfortunately, natural maternal increases in weight combined with common water retention can cause a lot of unwanted side effects. One of the most common and annoying is the on-set of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Over 20% of all pregnant women suffer from the disturbing symptoms of CTS during pregnancy.

Over 20% of all pregnant women suffer from the disturbing symptoms of CTS during pregnancy. Often pregnancy is the first encounter of many recurring symptom flare-ups that women experience over the course of an active life with this potentially disabling condition.

Water retention, hormonal changes, and increased weight that are normal during pregnancy are known to contribute to swollen tissue around the base of the hand and wrist. Often a pregnant woman will crave sodium rich or salty foods during pregnancy which can exacerbate water retention. Depending on the anatomical configuration of each woman’s hand, even slight increases in the size of soft tissue can pinch the Median Nerve that runs through the Carpal Tunnel resulting in pain and numbness for the mother-to-be in her hands, wrists, arms and or shoulders and even in the neck.

One of the most distressing symptoms for any CTS sufferer, but especially for a pregnant mother-to-be, is the intensification of the symptoms at night during sleep. Like a fully nourished diet, a restful night’s sleep is also essential to the normal and healthy development of the baby and to the maintenance of the mother’s own health. This is why it is so important to gain control of CTS symptoms quickly and non-invasively before they extract a toll on both mother and baby.

woman demonstrating how to use the carpal solution to get a full nights sleep

You will be amazed at how much better you feel after a sound night’s sleep with no more worries about carpal tunnel.

Do not put off your proactive therapy–don’t let carpal tunnel rob you of your sleep .

Many pregnant women have found that nightly application of Carpal Solution Therapy developed by Dr. Clyde Morgan is effective in controlling their CTS symptoms without side effects of systemic pain medication, the discomfort and muscle atrophy associated with splints or the potentially harmful effects of steroid injections.

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If your pregnant body has developed CTS pain that keeps you from sleeping when you and your growing baby need healthy, uninterrupted sleep the most, you would likely benefit from the natural healing that results from Carpal Solution Therapy. It is a remedy that safe-guards a calm and healthy environment in the womb for develop of your baby. The thin, comfortable brace retrains the soft tissue and is made from carefully selected elastic materials that are Hypoallergenic and latex-free.

While you sleep, The Carpal Solution gently stretches the soft tissue at the base of the hand and opens up the area surrounding the Carpal Tunnel for better circulation with nutrient rich blood. It enhances the body’s natural healing and at the same time relieves pressure on the Median Nerve without side effects.

While you sleep, The Carpal Solution gently stretches the soft tissue at the base of the hand

Don’t put up with troubling numbness and tingling pain any longer. The soft tissue therapy provided by The Carpal Solution is clinically proven to offer enhanced natural healing and protection for you and your baby with out complications. Order The Carpal Solution today and get ready for your new born.

Neurologists are experts on the central nervous system. These nerve experts say that the Carpal Solution is the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but most patients call will just call it a “Carpal Tunnel Cure”. The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. It will likely work for you too.

It is the only treatment for Carpal Tunnel that comes with a Money Back Guarantee and it is reimbursed by health insurance.

Not only are there no risks of complications with the Carpal Solution Therapy, as you find with carpal tunnel surgery, but also First Hand Medical has eliminated any financial risk of trying the Carpal Solution.

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