is it safe to order the carpal solution on the web?

Is It Safe to Order Carpal Solution On Web? and Why? Many people have worried about the security of the internet because of old stories that have circulated from the early days of the internet, before high level encryption technology and bullet-proof security systems with daily testing had been developed for consumer protetction. Today


New Medical Device Redefines Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

New Medical Device Redefines Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The Carpal Solution™ offers sufferers safe alternative to drugs and invasive surgery FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contact: Donna at First Hand Medical 800-798-5210 email: Advertising and PR Salt Lake City, UT - September 9, 2004 -- First Hand Medical today announced new direct to


not an immobilizing carpal tunnel wrist brace

Not an Immobilizing Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace or Night Splint The Carpal Solution is not an immobilizing brace technique. It operates with a completely different mechanism. Immobilizing braces and night splints are constructed of rigid plastic and are restrictive and uncomfortable to wear. They cause muscle atrophy and due


test procedure carpal tunnel

CARPAL TUNNEL TEST PROCEDURE Pinch Tester Test is accomplished by applying pressure while the tester is between the distal pad of the first digit (thumb) and two distal joint of the second digit (index finger). Three readings were taken, the average of the three readings were recorded. 5 Position Grip Tester Test: Positions 1,


Carpal Solution Mechanism of Action

Carpal Solution Mechanism of Action or How does this Carpal Tunnel Treatment Work? Cold extremities are a well known indicator of restricted blood circulation in medicine. When blood vessels are constricted or even slightly obstructed due to outside pressure on the vessel, it causes a reduction in the passage of blood to the extremity.


Are There Any Carpal Tunnel Guarantees?

Are There Any Carpal Tunnel Treatment Guarantees? Many people want to know if there are any guarantees with a Carpal Tunnel Treatment before they start down any treatment path. This is a good question to consider. Well, you won't find a guarantee from a surgeon offering Carpal Tunnel Surgery. You won't find a guarantee


Does The Carpal Solution Come In Sizes?

Does the Carpal Solution come in sizes? The Carpal Solution is a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that comes in one size that is easily customizable to match the size of any person’s hand. In this way each person gets a customized fit to her or his shape of hand each night when they put on this


trial notes treatment carpal tunnel

CARPAL TUNNEL TREATMENT TRIAL NOTES Notes: The main supply of blood to the hand for an early stage fetus in the womb is the median artery which passes through the carpal tunnel. This is followed, in development, by the anterior interosseous, which is finally replaced by early childhood, with the ulnar and radial arteries