Notes: The main supply of blood to the hand for an early stage fetus in the womb is the median artery which passes through the carpal tunnel. This is followed, in development, by the anterior interosseous, which is finally replaced by early childhood, with the ulnar and radial arteries as the principal blood supply of the hand in the majority of the population.

Some studies suggest that people suffering carpal tunnel syndrome may also have what is known as a persistent median artery.7 -8 The persistent median artery remains unusually large in some people and can be as large as 3 mm in diameter compared to the average found in one study of 1.1 mm. It is the belief of this investigator that a few millimeters of incremental space in and around the carpal tunnel, (where important nerves, vessels and tendons function in close proximity) can be the difference between chronic pain and restful relief leading to active vitality. The above study found that twenty three percent of the population studied had a persistent median artery. A persistent median artery may be a contributing factor in some people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.


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