Pinch Tester Test is accomplished by applying pressure while the tester is between the distal pad of the first digit (thumb) and two distal joint of the second digit (index finger). Three readings were taken, the average of the three readings were recorded.

5 Position Grip Tester Test: Positions 1, 3 and 5 were selected to give the full range of muscle action. The Participants are instructed to squeeze 3 times at each position; the average of the 3 grip tests is calculated and recorded. By taking the average of three tests at each position, we minimize any skewing of the data due to a one-time high intensity squeeze or a particularly weak one-time squeeze.

All participants were instructed to wear the Carpal Solution every night for two weeks, using a new Carpal Solution each night. Normal activity was not to be altered, except if the patient was wearing a Cock-Up Splint, they were asked to discontinue the use of the splint during the study.

Base readings were recorded prior to the beginning of testing. Participants returned 3 times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), to have the Pinch Tester and 5 Position Grip Tester performed and recorded. In exchange for participation, the volunteers received free samples of the Carpal Solution for use in the trial and also received feedback on the grip strength study, but received no other compensation for their participation. A total of 18 hands from 11 patients participated in the study.