After two weeks of using the Carpal Solution, 82% of the participants in the study experienced both an improvement in sleep patterns, a reduction in reported hand pain and significant improvement in grip strength as muscle atrophy was overcome. One of the participants did not experience improvement of any of the symptoms. This leads to the conclusion that for the majority of people suffering from the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the Carpal Solution will provide significant improvement in a relatively short treatment period. It is recommended that people experiencing symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Strain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome visit a license physician knowledgeable in the space to confirm the diagnosis and seek to identify the likely cause.

Several years of working with patients using the Carpal Solution therapy provides the author with ample evidence that the long-term benefits of the therapy are viable for a large portion of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome population. Based on this experience it is noted that if repetitive stress activity continues people often need to return to using the Carpal Solution for two to three nights per month to control the symptoms and check the progression of the syndrome. For scientific purposes, additional studies evaluating the full six week treatment protocol and following patients over several months is recommended to further document the measurable results of the Carpal Solution therapy. Also, it would be useful to run the next study with a statistically significant patient population. It is recognized that 11 participants do not meet this requirement. However, this study does provide a powerful proof of principle that the Carpal Solution will provide relief of pain and symptoms for a large segment of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome population, especially those who have developed the condition due to repetitive stress injuries. As such The Carpal Solution is a preferred first line of defense for treatment of Carpal Tunnel, because it is less invasive, less expensive and hence, results in no risk, no downtime and no complications. If a patient can get results with the Carpal Solution Therapy, the patient is much better off, since symptoms from repetitive stress activities often return even after surgery. It is important to use an all natural, non-invasive therapy that is convenient to use and does not result in downtime or health complications..

This work also documents the mechanism of action in the Carpal Solution therapy in a dramatic demonstration. An easily performed reproducible skin temperature gradient test was used to document less restricted blood flow through the tight passages in the soft tissue in and around the carpal tunnel. If external pressure can be relieved on constricted blood vessels in and around the carpal tunnel with the Carpal Solution treatment in twenty minutes, then by inference, we conclude it will also be relieved on the median nerve through the same mechanism.

Surgery has been the only viable long-term treatment option for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Despite the risks associated with invasive surgery, it has only proven effective long-term in less than 60% of cases where repetitive stress activity is continued. Although symptoms may be relieved immediately after surgery, full recovery from carpal tunnel surgery will usually take months of down time and rehabilitation. Some patients have reported infection, nerve damage, stiffness, and pain at the scar. Wrists can lose strength long-term, because the carpal ligament is severed. Patients undergoing surgery often have to change their hand-use pattern to avoid reoccurrence of CTS symptoms. This may require an adjustment in job duties or even changing careers altogether after recovery from surgery.

Alternative less invasive treatment options are urgently needed. Early diagnosis by a trained and licensed professional combined with proactive treatment to minimize damage and muscle atrophy is important to prevent the progression of the syndrome. Also, it is important for suffers to know that surgery will not be performed and reimbursed unless the symptoms have progressed to a point where Carpal Tunnel Strain has become full-on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome documented with nerve conductivity testing. A general requirement is that severe symptoms must persist for six months before surgery will be performed. The Carpal Solution therapy offers people suffering from early symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Strain to proactively obtain relief as soon as symptoms are presented. This allows the patient to take control of their symptoms with early preventative therapy. It has been well documented that early treatment of work place injuries is the key to preventing more severe medical complications as well as sleep disruption and reduced earnings.

The economics of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are compelling. It is the biggest single contributor to lost time at work with workers compensation costs estimated at over $20 billion per year due to CTS. Medical Insurers would benefit greatly in reducing the cost of treating carpal tunnel syndrome through conventional surgery and conservative treatments. It is estimated that insurers spend over $5 billion per year in conventional Carpal Tunnel Syndrome therapy.

With the cost of the full Carpal Solution therapy being less than the combined co-pay of a few visits to a physical therapy clinic, the Carpal Solution is a cost effective alternative to other treatment regimens. We concluded that the Carpal Solution provides a reliable, affordable alternative treatment for those who suffer from chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms due to repetitive stress injuries. It is especially appealing to those who are determined to be proactive in preventing the progression of the syndrome to the point where surgery is an option or even a necessity.