Carpal Tunnel Massage

When the soft tissue around the carpal tunnel has been injured as the result of repetitive stress, a patient may experience numbness, irritation, itchiness, radiating pain, lack of grip strength, sleepless nights and worse.

Given the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome, or repetitive stress injury (RSI), as it is also commonly known, it is somewhat surprising that the medical establishment hasn’t been more proactive about developing long-term, efficacious, clinically proven methods of correction. Carpal tunnel syndrome ranks as one of the lowest segments for patient satisfaction in the health care delivery system.

The balance of anecdotal documents combined with research literature suggests that carpal tunnel massage, when correctly and consistently applied, may significantly alleviate the pain of the condition.

While patients do have success going to specialized licensed myofascial release therapists, often the patient lacks the funds and time to provide the consistency required over six weeks for soft tissue manipulation therapy to achieve longterm results.

Studies have shown that often people start to feel a little better after each specialized hand kneading session. However, the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms return fairly quickly after the weekly session and after three or four weeks, the patient finds that the progress followed by back sliding is just too frustrating.

What is really needed for this gentle stroking therapy to put CTS in remission for a year or two, is consistency and increased frequency.

CTS is a cyclical hand, wrist and forearm disorder. In order to regain control of the pulsing pain and numbness, the cycle of pain has to be broken. This requires a disciplined method of consistent deep relief rubbing and pushing the soft tissue. Ideally a person suffering from CTS needs to have the specialized manipulation therapy done every night for two weeks followed by every other night for four weeks. Once the cycle of pain is broken your body takes over until you over do it again and push it over the edge back to the pain cycle.

Most people find the consistency is just too expensive and requires too much downtime traveling to and from the clinic for daily manipulation of the hand and wrist by a specialized hand massage therapist or esthetician.

Now with the Carpal Solution people can access the consistent and expertly applied Carpal Tunnel manipulation Therapy cost effectively and conveniently in the privacy of one’s own home during sleep. What could be more convenient than to treat the pain in your hand and wrist and the numbness in your fingers at home during sleep? The Carpal Solution Six Week Massage Therapy Pac cost less than the price of one visit to the Hand Therapist.

Consistency is the key! Because the Carpal Solution is so convenient to use, people can easily fit the daily stretching regimen into their active lives without any downtime or travel time. The money saved in gas and travel expense alone would pay for the cost of a Six Week Therapy Pac of the Carpal Solution.

It is the best home remedy for Carpal Tunnel and a home remedy is the best way to treat a disorder like CTS that often flares up again and again even after invasive and risky surgical procedures.

This device, which was developed carefully by the physician, Dr. Clyde Morgan, restores hand and wrist functioning and brings down inflammation through a gentle wrist brace massage-type action. Given people’s busy lifestyles, the Carpal Solution is virtually the only way to consistently apply the daily massage-like therapy needed for carpal tunnel relief.

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The Carpal Solution stretches and tugs at three key points on the hand to gently stroke soft tissue and improve blood circulation and flow. The results of a six-week treatment with the Carpal Solution are often dramatic and extraordinary. According to a study tested in a clinical environment, over 95 percent of patients responded positively to treatment within just two weeks.

It’s critical for anyone suffering from the difficulties of carpal tunnel syndrome to consult his or her physician immediately to confirm an accurate diagnosis. That said, we at invite you to review the rest of our site for insights, analysis, and statistical details on this remarkable soft tissue wrist brace that provides gentle but consistent carpal tunnel massage action exactly where you need. Don’t delay your healing–get the facts today and take charge of your syndrome proactively.

Your hand function and restful sleep are much too important to put off doing something about them. You can order the Carpal Solution and get the relief you need, while you wait for your doctor’s appointment to confirm your self diagnosis. Check out the rest for advice, info, and ordering help call:

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