Pianists and Electronic Keyboard Musicians Overcome Carpal Tunnel Restrictions

Pianists and those playing electronic keyboards and synthesizers often find that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms strike with a higher incidence on both hands than other musicians.

Since both hands are active in striking the ebony and ivory keyboard constantly during practice sessions on pianos and also during concerts and performances, the repetitive stress to the hand experienced by organists, pianists, and electronic keyboarders are intense.

The routine repetitive stress is often more intense than those of a computer programer or computer data entry specialist.

pianist cures carpal tunnel
guitarist cures carpal tunnel

Since the hands of a musician strive to reach unique positions and intense strokes to achieve just the right sound on the piano, organ or electronic musical keyboard – this puts more stress on the fingers and hand than the negligible impact of a computer keyboard stroke.

Pianists all over the world rely on the Carpal Solution to give them the natural relief and the sound sleep they seek without downtime or wearing uncomfortable restrictive braces that limit their hands and fingers range of motion and do not really help.

In fact the rigid carpal tunnel braces and hand splints actually make the condition worse over time because they compact and irritate already injured and inflamed soft tissue in the hands and fingers. Theses rigid orthotics also result in severe muscle atrophy of the hand and wrist subtly over time. Muscle atrophy is unacceptable for an accomplished musician, performing piano instrumentalists, electronic keyboard musician or player of an electronic synthesizer. In fact even young people playing Guitar Hero and gaming are developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The Carpal Solution Is Not an Immobilizing Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

Imagine Trying To Play Music Wearing A Wrist Brace!

Keep Playing And Practicing By Wearing A Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Won’t Get In The Way Of Your Performance

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One Jazz Electric Keyboarder from North Carolina said, “It is so great to have a non-invasive therapy that I can depend upon whenever my symptoms flare up! I love the Carpal Solution because it allows me to practice as much as I need to and perform without any limits.

pianist cures carpal tunnel pain and continues to perform and practice with the carpal solution

I get so into my music, I pound the keyboard intensely during our band sessions. This cannot be good on my hands. I got so I was trying to be really careful after my hands went numb at night. Now that I have the Carpal Solution Therapy, I can pound the keyboard just like I used to with confidence. It is so great to have a therapy I can wear at night to stop my CTS symptoms. I recommend the Carpal Solution to many Musician Friends and they love it too. I have never met anyone for whom the Solution did not work.”

John – Atlanta, Georgia
Electronic Keyboarder.

Pianist cures her carpal tunnel pain“I have tried the old wrist brace, plus resting my hands and wrists forever with no success. After wearing the Carpal Solution for three nights, the complete numbness that I have had in both hands (especially at night) completely disappeared.

In addition, my aching, almost non-functioning wrists felt like new ones. I am sending all of my friends to the local clinic!”

Ciel – Pianist and Organist working the Keyboards in Massachusetts with Carpal Tunnel under control.

Musicians Everywhere Love The Carpal Solution!

Watch a video of a gifted professional musician who cured her carpal tunnel with The Carpal Solution.

The Carpal Solution is an effective treatment worn AT NIGHT in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

It allows you to continue your musical career with No Downtime, No Risks and No Complications.

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