Drummer in Jazz Band Finds Best Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

drummer cures carpal tunnelRepetitive Stress Injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often strike musicians with unfair frequency. It is ironic that people that work so hard to develop their art and are so willing to share the joy of their talent with others — find they are restricted due to conditions like CTS. In fact, there is a well documented high incidence of Carpal Tunnel disorders with musicians.

The conventional treatments offered by our healthcare delivery system leave most musicians cold. Surgery can end a promising career and provide a wide array of complications, including permanent loss of grip strength, reduced range of motion, long stints of downtime, and extended rehabilitation periods.

Jake, a drummer in a jazz band faced this dilemma and found a unique method to conquer his repetitive stress induced carpal tunnel syndrome. After many years of trying to stave off his CTS condition, through rest and hand stretching, he found the time he had to play was slowly being squeezed out of his life from the RSI disorder. He and his friend the bass player in their jazz band were considering quitting the band and finding another profession because their condition had progressed to a point that they could not practice sufficiently to maintain their talent and still have the hand and wrist stamina to perform.

It was hard to imagine that after decades of playing that their life as musicians might be coming to a premature end. It would also mean that the other members of the band would be in a fix without a drummer and a bass player.

Jake found Carpal Solution Therapy on the website www.MyCarpalTunnel.com. He was amazed at how quickly the Carpal Solution worked to relieve his disorder.

He shared his finding with his band mate, the Bass player and he too was surprised to find the gentle stretching of the Carpal Solution was so effective. It just seemed too easy after all the struggling for so many years. Yet after following the Six week therapy protocol, they both put their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms in remission.

Even though their symptoms come back, they realize that there is no cure for CTS when you use your hands intensely. Both admit how relieved they are to find a non-invasive treatment that they can rely upon for relief whenever they have carpal tunnel flare-ups. Jake said, “The Carpal Solution saved my career and saved our band.” “I feel like I can now play on forever!” “The Carpal Solution rocks!” “It is great to have an all natural treatment with no downtime!”

Jake – Jazz Drummer – Phoenix,  Arizona, USA

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