Cure Carpal Tunnel For 16 Years without Surgery like I did

Using the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment I put Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in remission for 16 Years and counting.

Sandra H. – Interior Design Consultant,
Artist and Musician
Ottawa, Canada

Do I recommend The Carpal Solution Treatment???

I think of any product that I have ever ordered on the internet, THIS one is probably the only one that has actually WORKED!

I started suffering from Carpal Tunnel, when I was about 18.

The symptoms in the beginning were not enough to really bother with until I began to do more constant motion and repetitive movements for long periods of time working as an Interior Design Consultant.

I didn’t want to get carpal tunnel surgery, even though it is essentially free under Canadian Health Insurance, there are just too many risks and too much downtime.

Sandra Interior Designer Artist Musician cures carpal tunnel pain for 16 Years Ottwa Canada

As an artist and a musician (I play the flute) I could not risk losing hand function, so, I was determined to find a more natural alternative that worked. My father was a doctor, so I know what can go wrong with treatment. He gave me the straight scoop about medical treatment options – the pros and the cons.

Later in 2003, after being formally diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel, I started to suffer terribly with the pain. I could not sleep and would be in tears, but still didn’t want the surgery.

I was determined to find a better solution. I searched the internet and found it. The CARPAL SOLUTION, looked good to me.

I purchased the 6-week treatment package, it arrived quickly, and I started using it according to instructions and started “not noticing” my pain. Eventually, ​ I was absolutely​ pain​-free​. Can you imagine? Pain Free! No surgery, no downtime, just NORMAL.

I found my Solution to Carpal Tunnel Pain.

THE CARPAL SOLUTION, is my solution for Carpal Tunnel Hand Pain, Wrist Pain, Finger Numbness and Sleep Interruption.

I have been virtually pain-free from carpal tunnel symptoms for about 16 years thanks to the Carpal Solution.

I am so impressed with this treatment developed by the Doctors at First Hand Medical.

Simply put: It works! It is so great to have access to a natural treatment that works so well for the long run.

Doctors Advice on treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Some people say, “but I want a permanent fix to Carpal Tunnel with surgery.” The fact is, surgery is not a permanent fix for Carpal Tunnel. It comes back even after surgery for most within 8 years.

I tell people, “The Carpal Solution is a permanent fix to carpal tunnel symptoms, the symptoms might return, but it is so easy to get them under control again with this simple home stretching treatment that you wear at night, with no risks of complications and no downtime. They say “The Carpal Solution jump-starts your body’s natural healing.” I like the way that sounds.

16 Years Carpal Tunnel Pain Free for me – if that is not proof the Carpal Solution is the long-term answer for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – I don’t know what would be.

How many stars would I give the Carpal Solution and First Hand Medical?

5 Star Review!

That’s right. I NEVER give 5 stars. Not even for my favorite restaurant​.

But, For First Hand Medical and their Carpal Solution, they get a 5 Star Review from me!

I tell everyone I see walking around with a cumbersome​ wrist brace about the real solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

It’s not very often a company is actually telling the truth about how their product works!

The Carpal Solution does work and I’m a testimony to that fact.

If you are suffering don’t wait and worry until it gets worse. It will get worse.

There is no need to suffer and wait.

put your carpal tunnel into remission with The Carpal Solution

I wish I would have found “The Carpal Solution” sooner, and that is why I am doing this testimonial – to help others find the solution to carpal tunnel pain and end their suffering.

I am a real person. Watch my Video.

Thanks,​ First Hand Medical.

Sandra H. – Interior Design Consultant,
Artist and Musician
Ottawa, Canada

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I recommend the carpal solution as the best first line of treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

Neurologist say the Carpal Solution is the Best First Line Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients say The Carpal Solution is my long-term cure for Carpal Syndrome.

What can go wrong with Carpal Tunnel Surgery? Many things, but here is a documented disturbing outcome, that a patient would never anticipate written in a prestigious international medical journal by world-renowned plastic surgeons:

Ulnar Nerve Palsy After Open Carpal Tunnel Decompression: Case Report and review of the literature Published in the Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery 2008 January

Mohammad Fateh Ahmad

Authors: P. Yoong – Consultant Surgeon and Mr. Ahmad Fateh, Lead Consulting Surgeon, MBBS, FRCS (Plastic)
At St Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns – Broomfield Hospital
Court Road, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

The St Andrew’s Centre is home to the world-renowned specialist burns and plastic surgery service. In 2014, St Andrew’s celebrated it’s 40th year as a leading specialist centre in the world. The regional plastic surgery service now covers a population of 3.2 million and the regional burns service services a population of 9.8 million.

For a Chronic Condition that comes back, it is great to have a natural treatment alternative that works and is simple to use at home with no downtime and none of the risks of carpal tunnel surgery (like ulnar nerve palsy) and none of the risks of cartilage loss from repeated steroid injections. Cartilage is just too important to long term health and pain free movement to risk losing for a few months of relief of Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

Complete list of potential complications with Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Learn more about all the Carpal Tunnel Treatment options reviewed by Doctors with the pros and the cons of each alternative carpal tunnel treatment here:

Doctors Review of Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

discover the long term answer for curing carpal tunnel syndrome

Watch the videos of a Professional Musician and a Dentist tell why they chose the Carpal Solution as the best treatment option to avoid surgery and keep doing their important work.

The Carpal Solution is proven to be the best long-term answer for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Keep in mind Carpal Tunnel comes back even after surgery for over 90% of people within 8 years. Second surgical procedures for carpal tunnel have a low success rate (less than 40%) due to scar tissue formation from the first surgery.

pianist cures carpal tunnel pain
dr perrone discusses curing carpal tunnel
Order the Long-term Solution for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is There a Permanent Fix For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Our Doctors often say,

“There is no permanent fix to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a cyclical condition that keeps coming back. Only 60% of Carpal Tunnel Surgeries are successful, but even after a successful carpal tunnel surgery, Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel return for 90% of people within 6 months to 8 year time frame.”

The reality is:

The Carpal Solution is a permanent fix for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Here is Why:

Sandra, the Interior Design Consultant who tells her story above is a great example of how the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment is a permanent fix for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She found that in 6 weeks of stretching therapy with this natural treatment that she was able to jump start her body’s natural healing and put CTS in complete remission. All the symptoms went completely away for years – No sleep interruption, no hand pain, no wrist pain, no numbness in the finger tips, no dropping stuff, no problems buttoning buttons, etc.

However, the symptoms did cycle back 5 years after the first treatment program with the Carpal Solution. She was able to get CTS Symptoms under control again by applying another 6 Week Treatment Package at home, during sleep just like she did before. She put Carpal Tunnel Pain back into remission the second time with no downtime, no risks of complication, no huge expense.

6 Years later, the symptoms came back a third time, but no problem. She knew where to find the Solution and had the confidence that she is in control of this potentially torturous condition. Once again, she put the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms behind her with the Carpal Solution.

The point is that for a cyclical condition that reoccurs at different points in your life time, having a go to natural stretching treatment that jump-starts your body’s natural healing is, effectively, a “Permanent Fix” or a “Permanent Solution” to this chronic syndrome.

The Carpal Solution allows most patients to avoid the risks of Carpal Tunnel Surgery permanently.

Like Sandra You can depend on the Carpal Solution Treatment to be your: “Permanent Solution for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

Order The Carpal Solution Today and put CTS Worries Behind You