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Does Carpal Tunnel Return After Surgery?

Wise patients seek the answer to this question before they are rushed into a decision to undergo Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   Most people think of Surgery for any condition as a permanent fix.   However this is not the case with Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

In the case of hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery for example, people are encouraged to wait until they are in their sixties to have this procedure performed.   This is because the surgical fix generally last about 20 to 25 years depending on the patient and initial success rates approach 95%.   Repeat surgeries can be complicated significantly by scar tissue, less structural support in the bones and ligaments, etc.   The success rate on repeat surgical procedures is reduced significantly to about a 50/50 proposition. Most surgeons will not even attempt these repeat surgeries because they are so risky.

Does Carpal Tunnel Return After Surgery?So, in the case of Carpal Tunnel Surgery, is it a permanent fix, or will Carpal Tunnel Come back even after a successful surgical procedure?   It is a simple question with a complicated answer.   However, we can state that for most people (about 85%) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will reoccur in patients even after a successful surgical procedure.  According to patients only 50 -60% of Carpal Tunnel Surgeries are deemed successful.  Learn more about Success rates on Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

So, how long can a patient expect to be symptom free after surgery?   The range of time varies widely.   CTS can come back within a few months or not for 10 years.   This depends on many factors.   Some people develop scar tissue which makes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome worse than it was before surgery within a few months following the procedure.

Some people hear from friends that, “I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery just two years earlier and it was great.”   What they don’t realize is that it is likely to come back within a few years, and then what? Repeat Surgery with all the increasing potential complications?

Does Carpal Tunnel Return After Surgery?People who use their hands intensely at work or in their hobbies find that Carpal Tunnel returns within a year or two even after a successful surgery.   Some people have been told by their prospective surgeon to change their careers and schedule the procedure. This seems a bit callous, or insensitive, maybe even offensive, but the reality is, if you use your hands a lot at work, and you are thinking about Carpal Tunnel Surgery, you are likely going to be facing multiple surgical procedures if you go down that path.

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Medical text books suggest that a patient should not have any more than two Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedures in a life time.   So, if you depend on your hands for work or play, you may want to think twice about undergoing Carpal Tunnel Surgery.  Surgery is definitely a last resort and can be a wonderful thing for people in the position where they have tried reliable non-invasive therapies like the Carpal Solution Therapy.