What is the best treatment for gamers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

“I am a gamer and play with other gamers for about 8 to 14 hours per day. I make my living gaming now with people paying to watch me play. My hands and wrists are taking a beating and I need to find a way to prevent the pain in my hands and wrist and forearms. The worst is it wakes me up at night. When I don’t sleep well I get really irritable and have a short fuse. There must be an answer for this. I can not afford to stop gaming- it is who I am.”


Professional Gamer

Miami, Florida

gamers all around the world experience hand pain, wrist pain and forearm pain. There is a solution.

Answers by Doctors at First Hand Medical

Carpal Tunnel can be devastating for people like you Carlos. You have achieved a high level of expertise in a lucrative, highly visible field that requires intense hand use. This could also be said of Dentists, Surgeons, Airplane Mechanics, Famous Chefs, Tennis Stars, Golf Professionals, Baseball Players, Race Car Drivers, Concert Pianists, Rock Stars, etc. All have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that can inhibit their ability to perform at the highest level.

So, what can be done when the pain flares up and you need your hands to perform at their best and you are being tortured by CTS?

Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not a good treatment option. There is downtime, risks, and only a 60% success rate based on patient surveys. What about the other 40%?

There is lingering pain at the point of incision. 1% get infections which delays recovery and can lead to long-term complications. Most people have permanent loss of grip strength.

But the worst thing about Carpal Tunnel Surgery, is for over 90% of people Carpal Syndrome comes back even after a Successful Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

carpal tunnel comes back even after a successful surgery
steriod injections for gamers with carpal tunnel only work for 55 precent

Steroid Injections for Treating Carpal Tunnel works for only 55% of patients. When Steroids do work, the benefits last for only 2 – 3 months and then the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms come back.

Steroid Injections should not be done more than twice in any one joint. Joint deterioration is common with long term exposure to steroid injections. Not a good option for a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel.

Rigid Wrist Splints and Hand Braces sometimes help in the beginning, but in the long-run Wrist Splints and Hand Braces lead to muscle atrophy and make Carpal Tunnel worse. It is best to avoid rigid braces and wrist splints all together.

This is why it is important to identify a natural treatment for Carpal Tunnel.

gaming is impossible with rigid wrist splints

There is a natural treatment developed by Doctors that works for 97% of people.

Discover a safer alternative to Carpal Tunnel Surgery that actually works

The Carpal Solution alternative to surgery is Self-Applied Before Retiring to Bed in Three Easy Steps

Order The Carpal Solution Now

Here are some people that can tell you why The Carpal Solution Treatment is the best treatment for a Gamer. They can do a better job than us because they are actual gamers who cured their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and got back to gaming.

Jacob is a professional video gamer who has a following of over 575,000 people. He started getting Carpal Tunnel Symptoms four years ago and was worried it would end his video gaming career. Surgery was out of the question, given the prognosis, but he tried steroid injections and found they only lasted about a month and a half before his hand pain and finger number started waking him up at night again. Wrist splints were of no value to him. His mother found the Carpal Solution Treatment online and she purchased it for him. He tried it just to humor her.

He was surprised when his worst symptoms started subsiding within a week, even though he was getting ready for a big competition that week. Jacob began to believe.

Within 4 weeks his Carpal Tunnel Condition was in complete remission – no symptoms. No waking up at night with numb aching hands. He could not believe it. Jacob loves the Carpal Solution Treatment because he only has to wear it at night during sleep and no one has to know he has Carpal Tunnel. Competitors hate for their competition to know they have weaknesses.

If you are a gamer, Hand Pain, Wrist Pain and Finger Numbness does not have to be your weakness.

Put it behind you with the Carpal Solution Treatment like Jacob did. Be the champion you were destined to be!


Watch a video

Elijah works on a computer by day as a freight forwarding agent in New Jersey. By night he becomes a competitive gamer with friends and family and foes from across the world. Watch Elijah tell his Carpal Tunnel Journey in the above video. There is no need to suffer and worry. There is a simple treatment with no risks and no downtime that you can do at home in privacy during sleep.

What are you waiting for – Lets get this problem solved.

The Carpal Solution Treatment is the best treatment for Gamers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, because it is easy to do, does not have any downtime, is private, can be done in at home during sleep. It is inexpensive and reimbursed by health insurance. It also has a money back guarantee. Get started today!

Order A Safer Alternative To Carpal Tunnel Surgery Now

Top Ten Reason Why You Should Try The Carpal Solution

  1. 01

    Safe Natural Relief of Worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms quickly – within the first week or two and remission of the syndrome within Six Weeks of Carpal Tunnel Therapy.

  2. 02

    Awake refreshed in the morning with a sound night’s sleep and hands that feel ready to work or play.

  3. 03

    Worn during sleep, The Carpal Solution fits smoothly into your gaming life style with no downtime or limitations or annoyances associated with rigid wrist braces or restrictive splints.

  4. 04

    No more lost earnings or missed days gaming – Keep that high score that you rightfully earned!

  5. 05

    The Carpal Solution is comfortable to wear, made of breathable hypoallergenic materials, there are no sweaty wrist braces, and no rigid parts to interfere with sleep or restrict hand use and no embarrassing cumbersome wrist splints.

  6. 06

    If symptoms return, therapy can easily be repeated for a life time of symptom control without the risks of surgery, no steroid injections, no complications of oral anti-inflammatory meds. Most patients ask: “Who wants to go through the trauma, downtime and expense of surgery only to find out that their syndrome’s symptoms have returned?”

  7. 07

    The Carpal Solution is disposable with no cleaning of soiled sweaty braces required – It is convenient and it is easy to remember to apply just before retiring to bed.

  8. 08

    The Carpal Solution is flexible and thin. It travels and stores well in a small space and so it is easy to follow the full Six Week Protocol no matter where you might be.

  9. 09

    No rigid restrictive wrist splints to wear during the day, so no complications with muscle atrophy and no tissue irritation resulting from compressing injured tissue against hard metal or fiberglass.

  10. 10

    It is cost effective, convenient therapy that can be done in the privacy of your home and the symptoms usually stay in remission for 1 to 7 years depending on the underlying causes of your syndrome. When syndrome flares up again, you can quickly get them under control with just a few nights of Carpal Solution Therapy. All of the health benefits are backed up by a clinical study. The Carpal Solution is the best non-surgical treatment for Carpel Tunnel. Hands Down!

Watch More People Discuss Curing Their Hand Pain Using The Carpal Solution Therapy Pack.

dr pollard discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
active person discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
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The Carpal Solution has been used by over 100,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

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