Heal my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Naturally

Is there a way to heal my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome naturally and avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

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Your instincts are correct. Naturally healing is the best objective to have with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

When seeking treatment, it is important to understand the basic mechanisms that contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, how to counteract them and unleash the power of your body’s natural healing processes.

There are usually two underlying mechanism that cause this debilitating hand condition.

1- Soft tissue surrounding the Carpal Tunnel gets injured and loses its flexibility. It then contracts and creates some pinching action on the nerve in the Carpal Tunnel.

2- The injured soft tissue also puts off inflammation which can create pressure on the nerve in the Carpal Tunnel.

Patients want to know How to Heal Carpal Tunnel Naturally
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a Cyclical Condition
Carpal Tunnel Blocks Blood Circulation
Carpal Tunnel Blocks Blood Circulation

The inflammation and the pinching action from the more rigid and less flexible soft tissue, not only pinches the Median Nerve in the Carpal Tunnel, but these factors also restrict and inhibit full blood circulation and lymphatic fluid exchange.   These restrictions prevent the injured tissue from getting the full access to nutrient rich blood flow which it needs for natural healing process to be efficient.   Also, since blood flow and lymphatic fluid are restricted. The inflammation gets stuck and becomes toxic and more viscous.

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help transport toxins and waste from injured tissue. It functions by transporting lymph, a fluid containing a high concentration of infection-fighting white blood cells and distributing them where they are needed for natural healing and immunity support.

For blood circulation the heart is an internal pump to drive movement. In the Lymphatic system there is no pump, so it relies on muscle movement and joint pumps to help circulate and move this essential fluid to natural healing and immunity.

The pressure on the lymphatic system caused by inflammation and inflexible soft tissue in the narrow passages around the Carpal Tunnel makes it more challenging to attack toxins and transport them away from the injured tissue slowing down or even preventing natural healing from taking place.

white blood cells and carpal tunnel

So, in summary, you need to unblock the natural healing pathways in and around the injured tissue in the Carpal Tunnel and allow healing to take place.

This is accomplished by providing gentle consistent stretching of the injured soft tissue and staying hydrated (hint: drink plenty of water).

If stretching treatment is too aggressive it will cause more inflammation to form causing the symptoms to worsen.

This is why there is emphasis on “gentle consistent stretching for a long period of time.”  

The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment provides over 220 hours of gentle, consistent and targeted stretching at three key points during sleep.

The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment provides over 220 hours of gentle, consistent and targeted stretching
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This type of passive stretching is the best way to free up blood circulation and allow it to penetrate deeply into the injured tissue. It also restores flexibility to the soft tissue and allows more movement of white blood cell rich lymph fluid through the lymphatic system.

Inflammation can then be dispersed through natural circulation pathways and toxins removed systematically and consistently as your body is designed to function for optimal healing.

Remove Toxins, Disperse Inflammation and Restore flexibility to injured soft tissue. This is what is achieved when you apply the natural stretching treatment of the Carpal Solution Therapy each night during sleep.

Some people wonder how can stretching applied to my skin achieve benefit in my deep tissues. The lymphatic vessels are attached to the skin with small elastic fibers. When you stretch the skin, you’re manually pumping the lymphatic vessels simultaneously. Also, when the Carpal Solution is applied with the right tension and no overlap of the strap tapping system, it puts your whole hand in a state of decompression allowing for full blood circulation to return to your hand and wrist.

It is also important to understand some basics about your body’s natural healing process and why your body’s healing process gets disabled and cannot perform its normal function with the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Platelets in Blood Are a Key to Natural Healing

Your Body’s Built-In Tissue-Repair Activators

It is important to make sure Blood is not blocked from getting to injured soft tissue.

platelets in blood for carpal tunnel healing
thermal imaging illustrating how carpal solution treatment works
platelets to heal cts
Platelets Rally Healing Agents

When soft tissue is injured…

Platelets rush to the site to coagulate the blood, which stops the bleeding.

Platelets also release chemical messengers that are critical to natural healing. These messengers activate the natural healing agents to rally and converge on the injured tissue to initiate healing.

Stem cells are one of the key healing agents called upon.

There are many things you can do to enhance your body’s natural healing of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in addition to wearing the Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment at night:

• It is important to drink ample water,
• Do cardiovascular exercise regularly,
• Eat a healthy diet low in sugar and low in refined carbohydrates.
• Do a self-applied deep-tissue massage or have a specialist perform one or
• Ask a family member to massage your hand and forearm.
• Also, alternating heat and ice therapy can be effective in getting the lymphatic system moving.
• Stretching of Hand 3 times a day during day.

Stay Hydrated for Optimal Natural Healing from CTS

A sedentary lifestyle does not favor natural healing.

A sedentary lifestyle does not favor natural healing
jumpstart your body's healing process with the carpal solution

Most patients put their worst symptoms in remission within 2 to 3 weeks and experience complete remission in 6 weeks. Then Carpal Tunnel Syndrome stays in remission for 2 to 7 years for most patients. Once the natural healing processes are unblocked, your body keeps managing future soft tissue injuries, the way it did before you ever got CTS.

Keep in mind Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is cyclical and seems to come back at the busiest times of life when you can least tolerate downtime and distraction from an annoying set of symptoms.

Now that you know how to treat this hand condition naturally and effectively you will be ready for it the next time it emerges in your life.

The Carpal Solution is the Solution for CTS

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