Not an Immobilizing Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace or Night Splint

The Carpal Solution Is Not an Immobilizing Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

The Carpal Solution is not an immobilizing brace technique. It operates with a completely different mechanism.

Immobilizing braces and night splints are constructed of rigid plastic and are restrictive and uncomfortable to wear. They cause muscle atrophy and due to the rigid nature of cock-up night splints, they often interrupt sleep, interfere with free movement and can annoy partners sharing the same bed and are only marginally effective.

Rigid orthotics hold the hand in a neutral position, and do prevent pain from movement, but they also irritate and compress already injured inflamed tissue and result in muscle atrophy.

They are also inconvenient and uncomfortable.

patients confused frustrated with carpal tunnel braces in drug stores

The Carpal Solution on the other hand is a comfortable soft polymer device. The materials of construction have been carefully selected from hypoallergenic polymeric film and adhesive film straps for maximum comfort to enhance restful sleep. There are no rigid parts to restrict movement, cause muscle atrophy, annoy sleeping partners, or irritate and compress already injured tissue. The Solution employs a unique Soft Tissue Reshaping Therapy that offers significant relief in just a few nights and complete relief in a six week protocol.

Unlike night splints, the Carpal Solution has a relatively short Soft Tissue Protocol. The six week protocol consists of application of the Solution every night for two weeks, followed by every other night for four weeks. Then, if repetitive stress continues (Who has any intention of giving up the full use of their hands?) —the Carpal Solution needs to be worn for only three to four nights per month for the user to remain symptom free.

discover a carpal tunnel treatment with less risks and recovery time than surgery

This achieves our goal which is to allow users to return to fully active hand use with minimal therapeutic interference. Cock-up Splints sometimes offer marginal relief from night symptoms, but at a high price of wearing a rigid device to bed every night for as long as the repetitive stress continues-—essentially for life.

Dr. Morgan has noticed that patients switching from Night Splints and other rigid hand and wrist braces to the Carpal Solution Soft Tissue Therapy will often experience a couple of days of increased discomfort as they switch to this remarkable new therapy.

The discomfort is short lived. Most CTS sufferers are eager to get back to full hand activity without pain and restful unencumbered sleep —and will readily go through this short transition period for the benefits the Carpal Solution has to offer.

Conventional Treatments for carpal tunnel are confusing and frustrating better alternative treatment wanted

“Having suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms for six years, I have tried the old wrist braces and night splints, plus resting my hands and wrists forever with no success. After wearing the Carpal Solution for three nights, the complete numbness that I have had in both hands (especially at night) completely disappeared. In addition, my aching, almost non-functioning wrists felt like new. I am sending all of my friends to the local pharmacy.”

Ceil, —Pianist/Organist for 40 years,

After wearing the Carpal Solution for three nights the numbness in both hands completely disappeared

“My Carpal Tunnel pain was so bad that I had tingling sensations in my hand all day and night. I’ve tried other conventional carpal tunnel techniques, including the braces and splints and have not had any success. The Carpal Solution is the only non-surgical technique that really works well. I began to see relief after the first night of use. I wore it every night for two weeks and now wear it every three or four nights.”

Jim, Airline Pilot,

The Carpal Solution is the only non surgical technique that really works well

The Carpal Solution is Self-Applied Before Retiring to Bed in Three Easy Steps

Neurologists recommend the carpal solution as the best first line defense for carpal tunnel syndrome

The Carpal Solution is an effective treatment worn at night in the privacy and convenience of your own home. It allows you to get back to your active lifestyle with No Downtime, No Risks and No Complications.

Neurologists are experts on the central nervous system. These nerve experts say that the Carpal Solution is the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but most patients call it a Carpal Tunnel Cure. The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. It will likely work for you too.

It is the only treatment for Carpal Tunnel that comes with a Money Back Guarantee and it is reimbursed by health insurance.

Not only are there no risks of complications with the Carpal Solution Therapy, as you find with carpal tunnel surgery, but also First Hand Medical has eliminated any financial risk of trying the Carpal Solution.

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How does The Carpal Solution compare to surgery?


Cost without Insurance
Success Rate
Wait time for treatment

The Carpal Solution

Cost without Insurance
Success Rate
Wait time for treatment

The answer is clear.
You need to try a treatment with no risk, no recovery time and a higher success rate before you consider surgery.

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