Buy The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Stretching Treatment

It is easy to purchase the Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in four simple steps:

1- Decide which hand you want to treat, Right Hand or Left Hand, or both hands at the same time.

1- Decide which hand you want to treat, Right Hand or Left Hand, or both hands at the same time
1- Decide which hand you want to treat, Right Hand or Left Hand, or both hands at the same time

2- Decide Which Quantity of Carpal Solution Treatment Devices you want to purchase.

The six week pac allows you to follow the Doctors 6 Week Protocol which works for most people

The six week package has 28 disposable devices and allows you to complete the Doctors’ Six Week Protocol (every night for 2 weeks followed by every other night for 4 weeks).

Most people get rid of their worst Carpal Tunnel symptoms in 2 – 3 weeks and complete remission of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome within 6 weeks with this treatment developed by Doctors.

CTS then goes away for 2 – 7 years for most.

The Carpal Solution has a 97% Success Rate

One size device fits all. You customize the fit of each stretching device and set the tension for your size and shape of hand each night before retiring to bed.

The Doctors designed this package as a preventative therapy to be used 1 night per week for 1 year

About 8 to 10% of people have more persistent symptoms that can be due to a multitude of factors. For instance people that use their hands intensely for work or hobbies they are passionate about. These could include people in professions such as: dentistry or electricians, Chiropractors or plumbers, Musicians, Artists, Data Entry Professionals, Auto Mechanics, Computer Programmers, etc.

Also, people with certain physiological conditions find that CTS can be more persistent or come back more quickly. For example, any autoimmune disorder can contribute to CTS. For a more comprehensive of physiological conditions that contribute to CTS see:

With Persistent Symptoms, patients usually get 60 -80% improvement in the first 6 weeks of treatment. Then it can take up to 10 or 12 weeks to put Carpal Tunnel Syndrome into complete remission.

CTS is cyclical. Once it is in remission, CTS will go away for 2 – 7 years even for people with persistent symptoms.

If you believe you might have more persistent symptoms, it is more cost effective to purchase the economy package or the One Year Therapy Package.

With the One Year Therapy Pac you get 56 devices per hand and save $40 per hand.

The One Year Therapy Package allows you to complete the Six Week Protocol and then have enough devices left over to treat yourself on a frequency ranging from one night a week to one night per month for a year. Or you can use it as a Preventative Treatment as designed by the Doctors for One Night per week for a Year.

So, you choose either the 6 Week Pac or the 1 Year Pac.

3- Decide Which Payment Method You Would like to use.

Decide Which Payment Method You Would like to use for The Carpal Solution

Most people pay by credit card or debit card from the major credit card companies listed above when buying the Carpal Solution Treatment. However, we do have many other options if you would prefer an alternative payment type. Other payment options can take longer to process and ship than credit cards and debit cards.

Order Online Now with a Credit Card

Over 95% of people order by Credit Card or Debit Card on our secure website

3A- You can also pay by PayPal or by Venmo.

Simply login to your Paypal or Venmo Account and send a payment to us at: [email protected]

You can also pay for the carpal solution by PayPal or by Venmo

3B- You can Pay by United State Postal Service Money Order, Cashier Check, or a Bank Draft made out in US Dollars for the appropriate amount.

If you have questions about the exact amount you can email us at: [email protected] with: “Order The Carpal Solution” in the subject line.

or call us toll free at: 1-800-798-5210 in the US and Canada or call us at: 00-1-801-930-9240

Send in your order with the following:

• Your Name
• Your Address
• Your Phone
• Your email
• Your Check for the correct amount
• Please specify which hand or both

Print an Order form to fill out and send in with your order by mail:

Send Your Money Order and Order Form to:

First Hand Medical
Suite 2051
6337 Highland Drive,
Salt Lake City, UT 84121-2107

4- Choose Your Shipping Method

For the USA, Canada and Mexico we ship either USPS or UPS with tracking numbers from our warehouse in USA

For the USA, Canada and Mexico we ship either USPS or UPS with tracking numbers from our warehouse in USA

We ship within 24 hours of your order during the weekdays and on Monday Morning if ordered during the weekend. It will ship the same day if you order before 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

You can call on a Saturday to order if you prefer a Saturday shipment at:

Toll Free Call: 1-800-798-5210

Our most popular shipping option is USPS Priority Mail in the USA for $13.95. Packages arrive within three business days. We ship from our warehouses in Boston, Massachusetts and Salt Lake City, Utah.

For Europe we ship FEDEX with tracking or TNT cheap and cheerful

the carpal solution is shipped using we ship FEDEX or TNT to europe

We ship to all countries of Europe from our warehouse near Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Request an order form in your language and currency by email at: [email protected]

Please place: “Order The Carpal Solution” in the subject line of the email.

We ship to the Rest of the World via DHL Express with tracking

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 100,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

Watch Professionals Discuss Their Experiences Using The Carpal Solution Therapy Pack.

dr robin cures carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
dr pollard discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
active person discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
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