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Natural Treatment of Carpal Tunnel – 80% Better After just 3 Weeks for Tattoo Artist

Read how Joseph, a tattoo artist from San Francisco, was able to overcome his carpal tunnel pain in just three weeks with The Carpal Solution.

Symptoms after carpal tunnel surgery

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With a Thyroid Condition, is Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recommended?

There are over 17 different factors that can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thyroid issues are a common contributing factor to CTS. Learn more here.

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What is the risk of infection with Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Any time you submit to a surgical procedure there is a risk of infection. It is considered as one of the major risks associated with any surgery. But what about Carpal Tunnel surgery?

How to Heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

How can you heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and not just cover up the pain with medication? Find out here.

Is There A Natural Cure For Carpal Tunnel?

A lawyer in Houston, Texas asks, "Is there a natural cure for carpal tunnel?" Find out our answer here.

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