Golfer /Gardener Finds Stretching Provides Relief From Carpal Tunnel Pain

Golfer finds gentle stretching treatment during sleep is the best way to treat Carpal Tunnel.“I first used the Carpal Tunnel Solution about one year ago. The pain and weakness in my wrists was severely limiting my daily activities. Household tasks were becoming nearly impossible.

Even simple things like drying my hair and brushing my teeth increased the pain. I wasn’t able to enjoy my hobbies, gardening and golf at all last year. Riding a bike was painful. I was also losing sleep because the pain would wake me up so much.

I went to the doctor and nothing he recommended worked. I tried so many treatments: Wrist Splints, Physical Therapy, Pain Medication, Prednisone, Acupuncture, Corticosteroid Injections. None of it helped me end the suffering.

The final “solution” he offered was surgery.

Cyclist Finds Stretching Provides Relief From Carpal Tunnel PainI scheduled the date for surgery, but almost everyone I talked to told me about people they knew who had had the surgery and needed it redone a few years later. Undergoing Carpal Tunnel Surgery for a condition that comes back so quickly seems crazy.

That’s when I went on line to research answers for myself and discovered the Carpal Tunnel Solution Treatment.

After using the six week therapy pack, my pain was nearly gone! I continued with the maintenance plan for several months and had great success. The Carpal Solution put my carpal tunnel in remission and gave me my life back.

I am so much more invigorated now that I sleep through the night every night. I highly recommend anyone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome to give the Carpal Tunnel Solution a try! Gentle consistent stretching for 8 hours at night really works.

Don’t waste all the time trying the stuff that doesn’t work, while you suffer. Go right to a treatment for Carpal Tunnel that works. I wish I would have started with The Carpal Solution. It is the Best Medical Product I have ever purchased.”

Avid Golfer and Gardening Hobbyist
Holland, Michigan