Doctor Clyde E. Morgan, DC, Musculoskeletal Expert

Medical Expert at First Hand Medical Develops Permanent Cure for Carpal Tunnel

doctor-morganDoctor Clyde E. Morgan, DC is a musculoskeletal expert who has practiced for over 20 years as a doctor of chiropractic medicine in Olathe, Kansas and in Shawnee, Kansas. Doctor Morgan also is the original clinical inventor of the Carpal Solution Therapy.

Doctor Morgan first worked with his wife who was suffering with Carpal Tunnel from her work on a computer as a Bank Manager. Knowing the poor prognosis for Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Doctor Morgan was determined to help his wife avoid the long treacherous journey of repeated surgical procedures every few years.

He knew from working with patients that Carpal Tunnel Surgery carried with it – significant potential risks, a lot of downtime and often resulted in the need for repeated Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedures. Repeated Surgery and Steroid Injections was not a path he wanted to see his wife go down.

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Applying his medical expertise and natural healing know-how, Dr. Morgan developed a treatment plan that would restore his wife’s natural heal processes. Nightly he would massage and stretch out her hand to help her overcome the finger tingling, hand numbness, hand pain and wrist pain. After several months, he knew he could not continue this nightly ritual for hours each night. He would gain ground, but then she would reinjure her hand during the day.

It was going to take more than just an hour or two of manual massage to conquer this chronic syndrome. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say.

So, Doctor Morgan thought of a new way to achieve the gentle consisting stretching for 8 hours per night during sleep and relieve him of nightly massage and stretching duty. He developed a unique stretch taping system to achieve the same type of consistent gentle stretching that he had performed, but for a longer period. He knew that it was just a matter of applying sufficient targeted gentle stretching therapy to overcome the daily stress. It wasn’t a matter of applying more intense stretching for a short period of time. The body needed time to respond.

As in expert in musculoskeletal treatment, he knew gentle consistent stretching was the key to restore the body’s natural healing processes. He was confident that sufficient gentle targeted stretching would restore flexibility to the injured soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel and regenerate normal blood circulation to this area at the base of the hand.

Working with his wife and then his patients he perfected a working prototype and then worked with medical device designers to transform the device into an easy to use Carpal Tunnel Treatment Kit that people suffering with Carpal Tunnel could do from home conveniently and safely.

He knew it required six weeks to heal injured soft tissue for most people. Dr. Morgan worked with hundreds of patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to develop an ideal treatment protocol that would work for the majority of people.

There are over 20 different underlying factors with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and most people have a combination of contributing underlying factors that bring on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All is all there are a potential of over 200,000 combinations of factors. This requires a strong discipline to figure out the best practices for the treatment of so many different patients with different underlying factors.

It is remarkable to see the power of applying a medical expert clinician with medical device expert designers to develop a simple Cure for a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

There are two basic mechanisms that create Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Onset.

1- Trapped Inflammation that puts pressure on the Median Nerve and can become gelatinous making it difficult to get it moving

2- Injured Soft Tissue that can get full blood circulation, due to the pressure from the trapped inflammation on blood vessels, becomes rigid and loses its flexibility and then contracts causing pinching action.

The Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment Kit provides gentle consistent stretching of the soft tissue for over 220 hours over six weeks during sleep. There is no other way to achieve this consistent gentle stretching action.

This carpal tunnel stretching treatment restores full blood circulation, unblocks lymphatic fluid exchange, restores flexibility to the soft tissue and relieves the pressure on the Median Nerve.

Most people recover from their worst symptoms in three weeks and get complete remission within six weeks. Then once the cycle of trapped inflammation is broken and natural healing processes are restored, Carpal Tunnel goes away for up to 12 years, but usually comes back within 3 – 8 years for most patients.

We humans are all creatures of habit. When the same circumstances that caused Carpal Tunnel in the first place, repeat over and over again, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms will return.

The Carpal Solution Treatment Kit is a Permanent Solution. In that, once the symptoms return after several years, you simply repeat the nighttime stretching with the Carpal Solution Treatment Kit in your home during sleep and your body heals itself again. No downtime, no risks, no complications with minimal expense and hassle.

The Carpal Solution is a Permanent Solution to a Chronic Syndrome that comes back even after Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Carpal Solution Home Treatment Kit Number 1 Doctor Recommended

Doctor Morgan presented his invention to the team of Expert Doctors at Eureka Medical, Inc. who awarded him the best Consumer Medical Device invention in 2004.

He teamed up with an impressive team of Expert Medical Doctors, Surgeons and Medical Device Professionals at First Hand Medical to commercialize his invention and bring it to the people of the world suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Now, the Carpal Solution Therapy has been used by over 200,000 people and it works for over 97% to put their syndrome in remission for years safely and effectively in the comfort and convenience of home.

Doctor Morgan is gratified to be helping tens of thousands of people worldwide that are suffering with the torturous symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The Carpal Solution invention has helped over 200,000 people in the last 15 years. It so satisfying to know that he and the Team at First Hand Medical have helped so many people worldwide to relieve pain and avoid the complications and downtime of surgery.

It is great to know that so many people have benefited from this patented medical technology. Dr. Morgan is grateful to the team at First Hand Medical for helping him commercialize the Carpal Solution Treatment Kit. It has the potential to help millions of people who suffer with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms worldwide and want to avoid the risks and downtime of repeated surgical procedures.

It is a unique achievement to deliver a medical home treatment kit that works for such a high percentage of patients. The Carpal Solution gets a 97% success rate. That is truly remarkable for any medical product. Patient compliance accounts for a big part of the 3% of failures with most medical products. If you follow the protocols developed by the medical experts, the Carpal Solution works for nearly 100% of patients. Congratulations to Dr. Clyde Morgan and the Team of Medical Experts at First Hand Medical.

“It is inspiring to see the power of applied medical expertise developed into a home treatment kit to cure permanently a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

“Doctor Morgan has treated tens of thousands of patients in his clinical practice, but his medical expertise and natural healing application know-how has benefited far more people than he ever imagined possible with the worldwide distribution of this patented medical product known as: the Carpal Solution Home Stretching Treatment Kit.”

Jeffery C. Conley – CEO,
Medical Device Expert, First Hand Medical

“Over the past 15 years the Carpal Solution has saved over $1.2 billion in Carpal Tunnel Surgery Costs and over 16,400 man-years of downtime with a value of $1.4 billion in wages not lost. That represents a modern-day medical breakthrough of the kind we need more of in this country.”

Doctor Joseph E. Scherger MD, MPH

Home Healthcare Visionary, Preventative Medicine Expert
University of California San Diego School of Medicine

“It is remarkable to see the power of combining a medical expert clinician with medical device experts to develop a simple cure for a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

Dr. Benjamin Bierbaum –

Orthopedic Surgeon, Harvard Medical School

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