Carpal Syndrome

Also Known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Computer users often injure their hands due to years upon years of heavy typing combined with less than optimum ergonomic desktop setups. Carpal tunnel syndrome, also sometimes referred to as repetitive stress injury, can lead to chronic pain, tingling, and numbness in hands as well as more severe disorders like RSD, a debilitating muscular pain which can spread throughout the body and afflicts the shoulders, back and neck.

Unfortunately, conventional treatment regimens for carpal tunnel syndrome leads many patients down a frustrating path of complications, risks, and repeated invasive procedures, like Carpal Tunnel Surgery.. The good news is that CTS sufferers can now turn to a natural stretching therapy developed by doctors working with patients called, The Carpal Solution Therapy. This is a unique product that systematically alleviates soft tissue inflammation and increases flexibility through a clinically tested soft tissue decompression protocol. There are dozens of carpal tunnel syndrome braces in the market, but most, if not all, of these braces employ rigid plastic, metal or fiber glass structures, which can actually damage tissue, compress the soft tissue further and aggravate symptoms of the Carpal Syndrome.

The Carpal Solution Therapy, on the other hand, uses an ergonomically designed and medically engineered three-step soft brace application, which customers put on before going to sleep. By wearing the Carpal Solution at night, you receive therapy equivalent to chiropractic massage on the injured soft tissue in your hand. When you wake up, you will likely feel the results of the therapy almost immediately.

Watch the Video below of Dr. Perrone talking about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how it nearly ended her dental career. As a medical professional Dr. Marielaina Perrone has some great insights that you will benefit from hearing. Click on the arrow on the picture below to begin watching Dr. Perrone speak of her ordeal with CTS.

Patient Success is over 97%!

Here at, you can explore a host of testimonials written by real patients who have found long-lasting relief with the Carpal Solution. Of course, it’s a good idea to employ the Carpal Solution in conjunction with better ergonomic habits and a holistic system of care. You can ask questions directly to Dr. Morgan and other CTS sufferers online through Facebook.

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Many Patients How does The Carpal Solution Work?

The Carpal Solution gently stretches simultaneously on three key points on the palm surrounding the carpal tunnel during sleep. Consistent gentle stretching action applied for 6 to 8 hours while the hand is relaxed, decompresses the soft tissue around the carpal tunnel and increases flexibility. This relieves pressure on the Median Nerve. Once the pressure is relieved Carpal Tunnel Syndrome goes into remission and it will stay in remission for most people for two to three years.

Carpal Solution Therapy combines this patented gentle soft tissue flexing and reshaping method during sleep with active use during the day. This results in an ideal rhythmic therapy for rapid relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms with no muscle atrophy and no down time. Your hand rehabilitates through normal use once pain is relieved. This is a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that works for over 97% of those suffering with this debilitating condition.

The Carpal Solution is not just a hand brace nor is it a wrist splint, it is a therapeutic solution and has been shown to enhance blood circulation to the hand, restore flexibility to injured soft tissue and disperse inflammation. This remarkable home health product allows the individual suffering with CTS to achieve relief quickly in the convenience of home with no downtime and no risks.

Passive stretching forms the basis for many proven therapies for soft tissue disorders, such as: Kinesio Taping, Yoga stretching exercises, and CTRAC stretching, but none offer the convenience, cost effectiveness and eliminate the downtime that is offered by the Carpal Solution Therapy. The Carpal Solution is convenient, safe and patients report that it is covered by health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. The reasons people prefer the Carpal Solution over other treatments is that it works quickly, poses no risk of complications, it is private, and there is no down time. You treat yourself in the comfort and privacy of home during sleep.

The doctors who developed the Carpal Solution, suggests that increased nutrient and oxygen rich blood circulation reinvigorates the hand naturally, disperses lymphatic fluid and helps contribute to rapid recovery and regeneration of injured tissue at the celluar level in and around the Carpal Tunnel. This eliminates pressure on the Median Nerve and the resulting numbness and / or pain which often can follow the nerve path to the fingers in one direction and up the forearm to the elbow, shoulder and even the neck in the other direction.

The Carpal Solution stretching bace is specially designed to have an elasticity which matches the same elasticity found in one’s skin, muscles, cartilage and connective fascia tissue, allowing it to work in harmony with the body’s natural ability to stretch and relieve unwanted pressure, disperse lymphatic fluids, eliminate subtle micro-swelling and allow improved circulation in and around the Carpal Tunnel. This type of passive stretching during sleep is the ideal way to treat CTS.

Even after Carpal Tunnel Surgery the symptoms of CTS often return within a few years and it can take up to a year of rehab to regain full use of your hands after surgery. The key with this hand wrist condition is learning how to manage the symptoms with the least interruption to your busy life and no complications to your overall health nor impact on your earning power, your relationships nor your sleep.

The Carpal Solution puts the base of your hand in a state of decompression for eight hours every night. This consistent gentle stretching delivers remarkable results over the six week protocol. This protocol was developed by doctors working with their patients.

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 50,000 people and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

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of successfully treating Carpal Tunnel without resorting to the risks, potential complications and long rehabilitation periods associated with Carpal Tunnel Surgery.