Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention

What are some common sense tips to alleviate and resolve the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome? First of all, it’s important to discuss your personal symptoms with a qualified doctor. While CTS is an increasingly common problem in this country, pain in the forearms and hands may indicate other diagnoses, as well. In treating Carpal Tunnel, like many other ailments, an once of prevention is usually worth a pound of cure.

Carpal tunnel syndrome prevention can be complicated due to the many diverse factors associated with this incapacitating syndrome. One thing most physical therapists agree on is that people experiencing CTS symptoms would do well to investigate positioning and ergonomic workstation arrangements. Computer users, for example, generally, want to make sure their feet touch the floor while they type, and want to avoid inverted or twisted typing positions. Along those lines, hand therapists recommend that suffers take regular breaks from their routine activity to stretch and/or to do rehabilitation exercises like nerve glides.

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Some sufferers have found relief by icing their hands at night. Others swear by soaking their hands in hot water and undergoing regular massage or acupuncture to deal with flare-ups. Some doctors prescribe Advil or Motrin, known in the medical community as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, to alleviate symptoms as well.

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