Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cures

There is no such thing as a final cure or panacea treatment to eliminate chronic carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) forever. In fact many believe that Surgery is a final fix or Cure for Carpal Tunnel.

The reality is that even after invasive risky carpal tunnel surgery , CTS frequently returns in a few months or years depending on the contributing factors and how your ligament scars back together after surgery. Sometimes it scars back together leaving more space (a good result) and sometimes it scars back together leaving less space (a bad result). The prognosis as told by patients is about 50/50 in the typical outcomes from surgery and even when it goes well after surgery the symptoms often come back within a year or two. There are over 15 different Carpal Tunnel Causes or contributing factors.

If you have been experiencing persistent wrist pain, finger numbness, or hand pain, and you believe it may be related to repetitive strain injury or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you should check out the specific description of CTS Symptoms while you set up an appointment to see your doctor to confirm your self diagnosis. The fact is, if you have the symptoms described on the Symptoms link in the top banner of this website, you probably have this somewhat dreaded hand, wrist and finger condition.

There is no need to wait to start getting relief. You can order the Carpal Solution and start using it this week to control your symptoms and get your life back, because it is all natural and relies on gentle stretching consistently applied at night while the hand is at rest.

Proceeding with an all natural, clinically proven therapy is safe and a prudent thing to do before your symptoms get worse and affect your overall health or inhibit your ability to perform at work. Often setting up a meeting with your doctor can take a month or two.

Repetitive-strain-induced carpal tunnel syndrome usually takes years to develop into full-blown Repetitive Stress Injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, so it is not surprising that it takes many patients months to heal if relying only on rest from their normal activities. Many people are taken completely by surprise when the lose functionality of their hands and find themselves routinely awakened at night.

The good news is that informed, proactive carpal tunnel syndrome patients can do a lot in terms managing their conditions and returning to normal activities. The Carpal Solution Therapy was developed by a Doctor to help his wife control her debilitating condition. It worked so well for her, he took it to his patients and then to the rest of the world. Tens of thousands of people depend on the Carpal Solution to keep their hands healthy and the CTS condition in remission naturally without downtime or inconvenience.

Dr. Clyde Morgan developed the Carpal Solution to soothe and modify inflamed, dysfunctional tissue in and around the carpal tunnel area. Patients apply the Carpal Solution prior to going to sleep for the night, and the brace gives the hand what is in many regards is a chiropractic massage by tugging consistently, but gently along three key well known pressure points.

Here at The Carpal Tunnel Home, you can view the Carpal Solution in action, browse patient biographies, watch video interviews with doctors and patients and read testimonials. You can also order a Six Week Therapy Pac of Carpal Solution braces for less than the cost of a doctor’s visit and all health insurance providers reimburse for the cost of the Carpal Solution when presented with the receipt from First Hand Medical and a Doctor’s prescription for a Hand Wrist Orthosis. Your receipt will come with all the codes needed for insurance reimbursement.

Every patient’s carpal tunnel syndrome prognosis is different, and you should always seek a professional diagnosis while you begin using the Carpal Solution to assure that there are no metabolic complications that need to be addressed separately. The Carpal Solution is FDA registered, it continues to earn awards from medical experts, and is hypoallergenic. Discover its myriad benefits today and get back to your active lifestyle with the Carpal Solution.

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