Yoga Instructor & Fitness Trainer Cures Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Without Surgery

yoga instructor cures carpal tunnel without surgeryAs a Yoga Instructor and Fitness Trainer I depend on my hands everyday. I love my work. About three months ago, I started getting wrist pain and hand numbness and shooting pain up my arms. At first it was annoying, but I continued on with my work without any problems. I had an idea that it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I just wanted to ignore it and hoped it would go away as mysteriously as it appeared.

Unfortunately, my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms worsened. It was getting difficult to teach my yoga classes due to the pain in my wrists and lack of feeling in my hands. It started waking me up at night with numb tingling hands and pain in the wrists. I was unsure what to do. I knew I did not want to risk surgery on my hands. I could not afford the downtime and I have known people that had the surgery without much relief or some who it helped but then it came back in a few years.

I really did not want to do Carpal Tunnel Surgery, if it only gives partial relief or if the same symptoms come back. I learned that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes back for over 85% of people within 8 years. That was not a good option. Repeat surgeries have an even lower success rate. That did not seem like an enlightened way to go.

carpal tunnel can feel like burning pain

Many people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome describe burning pain when the nerve is pinched some just have numbness and no pain. Everyone demonstrates somewhat different symptoms with CTS.

Some People only feel hand numbness and no pain. But they lose fine motor skills with their fingers. They often say their hands feel like sand paper or their hands feel like they are wearing thick gloves. It is hard to function normally when your hands feel so strange. You cannot button up your pants or thread a needle.

some people loose motor skills with their fingers due to cts

Yoga instructor gets her life back and overcomes carpal tunnel syndromeThen the pain became more of a burning pain. I could not stand it anymore.   The sleep loss and the pain during the day was torture.   I heard from a woman in one of my classes of a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that worked for her. She said it was so simple. You can treat yourself at home during sleep.   She told me to go to the website: and learn more.

I went to the website and it seemed too good to be true – getting better at home during sleep with no injections and no surgery.  But the more I read on the website and watched the videos, the more convinced I became. The Doctors and Medical Professionals did a great job of explaining it.   I knew I needed to get the Carpal Solution and get my life back.  It made sense with what I know about yoga stretching and repair of soft tissue injuries through consistent gentle natural stretching action. So, I ordered it and got started.

Within the first week, I was sleeping through the night.   Within two weeks my burning pain was gone. I still had the Hand numbness and tingling in my fingers. Finally, in four weeks the Hand Numbness and Tingling disappeared completely.   I completed the six week treatment and my symptoms were completely gone.

I thanked my friend and am so grateful for the Carpal Solution.

I am so glad I avoided the risks of Surgery and had no downtime with the Carpal Solution.A principle of Yoga is “The Law of Karma”.   The definition of  karma? For every action there will always be a reaction. Our thoughts and actions are powerful. They carry energy. They are like an echo.

We have all taken a different path in life but somehow we are all linked. Whatever we do will always come back to us.

Your thoughts and feelings shape the world within you. Your words and actions shape the world around you. We are constantly changing your world, little by little.

So, I want to create a little Karma by sharing my story with you here.

Now, I can do as much yoga, weight lifting and pushups as I might like, with no hand pain and no hand numbness. I have learned that a lot of yoga practitioners suffer with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   I was not alone.

I have no burning pain and no waking up at night with numb hands.   The Carpal Solution nighttime stretching treatment is a great product. I am so grateful my friend told me about the Carpal Solution.   I am so glad I avoided the risks of Surgery and had no downtime with the Carpal Solution.   It is a wonderful treatment developed by Doctors. It gave me my life back.   This is a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that works!

If you are suffering with these terrible symptoms like I did, take confidence and order the Carpal Solution. You will be glad you did. I tell all my friends about the Carpal Solution.   When you get better tell your friends and family. Keep the Good Karma flowing!


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yoga and carpal tunnel there is a cure

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