Webmaster in Mumbai, India Cured Carpal Tunnel And Saves Career

As a Webmaster and Computer Programmer, I depend on my hands to work and provide for my family and aid my Parents in my home village. About three years ago I started to have Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.   In the beginning it was just an annoying numb feeling in my mouse hand.

I found I had to switch back and forth between hands with the use of the mouse to avoid problems.

I thought I had dealt with the issue for a few months. But then my numbness came back in both hands and this time there was also a dull ache accompanying the numbness. It was starting to slow me down in my work. I was working longer hours with fewer results.

webmaster in india cures carpal tunnel at home

The longer hours I was working made my hands even worse. I tried ergonomic keyboards and mouse options. That also helped for a while, but within a few months my hands got worse. I pick up a wrist splint from the chemist shop. Thinking that would be my answer. But the wrist splint seem to help in the beginning, but then my aching hands and the pain in my wrist got worse. I began to have shooting pain up my arm. My shoulders and even my neck began to ache.

I had to start working fewer hours with more rest.   But this meant less income.

I am the eldest child in the family I grew up within. My parents sacrificed much to pay for my boarding school in hope that I could get a high paying job and then help my brothers with their education and my sisters too.   So, I have been highly favored by my family’s sacrifices. I do have a great job, but due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I was finding our dreams of educating all my siblings were turning to vapor.   It was waking me up at night too, so I was tired during the day and less productive and creative at work. Carpal Tunnel is very frustrating.

Surgery is expensive and I cannot contemplate the downtime and what it might do to my family while I could not work at all.

A friend that I do work for in the USA told me about the Carpal Solution Treatment. I read about it online too. The videos from other people were promising. So, I ordered the Carpal Solution from the USA. It arrived in less than a week with DHL.   That was very good service.

I started the Six Week Treatment immediately.   I must admit, it seemed so simple and too good to be true.   But, I took confidence from the experience of others.

I started sleeping through the night for the first time in months within the first 10 days.   Then the dull ache in my hands and wrist became something that I could tolerate at work within two weeks. I was getting back to my old levels of productivity.   Within four weeks all the hand pain and aching wrist were gone. The numbness was still present in the tips of my fingers, but I can work long hours again and take care of my immediate family and send money to my brothers so they could stay in boarding school.

Do you Have Numb Achy Hands?

I am so relieved and am so thankful. I ordered the larger Carpal Solution Package to have the treatment on hand if Carpal Tunnel ever came back. Also, it states in the instructions that even the numbness in the fingers will go away if one keeps at it.   So, that is what I am going to do. Our dream of educating our entire family is back and I am confident that I can provide for my young son and wife.   Our plans were to have another child had to be put on hold.  Now, we are confident to go forward with our lives. All this thanks to the Carpal Solution Treatment. We are all so grateful.

The Carpal Solution Treatment Cured Carpal Tunnel in my case and for my colleague in the USA, it probably will cure others too!



Mumbai, India

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computer worker in India cures his carpal tunnel and is able to continue his career

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