Cathy-professional-musician-pianist-conquers-carpal-tunnel-CaliforniaI give the Carpal Solution Therapy a “5 Star Rating” – I Love the Carpal Solution product! Ordering my maintenance pack right now….

As a musician I depend on my hands a lot. I love to play and entertain people around me. I am also a mother and always busy with my hands. The Carpal Solution lets me do anything I want with my hands without having to worry about the hand pain nor the tingling nor numbness.

I usually order the Carpal Solution once every three to four years when the symptoms come back. It keeps me going strong.

I don’t drop things unexpectedly any more. I also sleep through the night without any routine sleep interruption, like I used to have.   The Carpal Solution Therapy is one of the best medical treatments I have ever purchased or received.

I am from Honolulu, Hawaii originally and now live in southern California. I had a friend from home in Honolulu tell me about the Carpal Solution. I read about it online and decided to give it a try because of the professional content written by doctors, real user videos and the money back guarantee.

The same year that I started using the Carpal Solution Treatment for the first time, I also gave some to my sister-in-law in Hawaii. She was thinking of having surgery for Carpal Tunnel, but I told her to try The Carpal Solution first. No hand surgery for my sister after she started using the Carpal Solution.

My husband is a Chef and the Carpal Solution helps him to keep working hard with his hands.

Chef-Carpal-Tunnel-Treatment-hand-painI also gave the website to one of my boss’s friends. Now, my boss’s son who’s a medical doctor also has CTS and is wearing one of those uncomfortable rigid braces that only make CTS worse. His Mom told him about what I have used, so I made a copy of the booklet that came with my order and gave him some of the disposable stretching devices. The Carpal Solution Treatment helped the doctor too.

I give The Carpal Solution a 5 Star Rating and recommend it to anyone who is suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.    You do not need to go on suffering and worrying about surgery any more. When it works for your tell your friends and family. It keeps the good karma flowing.

Thank you First Hand Medical


Los Angeles, California

violinist cures carpal tunnelProfessional Musicians and amateur musicians alike, depend on the Carpal Solution to keep their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms under control.

Pianists, violinists, guitarists and drummers all have great results with the Carpal Solution Treatment.   They are able to work at their music as hard as they like. They prepare for converts or entertainment events with no worry. They also can sleep through the night without routinely waking up with their hands numb and tingling and driving them crazy.

Whether you are a professional musician, a chef, a medical doctor, or home maker,

the Carpal Solution Treatment is the best way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, because there is no downtime, no risks of complications and no long rehabilitation.   The Carpal Solution works for over 97% of people with CTS.

Neurologists say the Carpal Solution is the best first line treatment for CTS. Most patients call it their “Carpal Tunnel Cure”. We can help you too!

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