More User Experiences

“I can now sleep at night. I feel rejuvenated in the morning. I am a busy person working as a patient advocate doing gardening and cooking I needed my hands to be pain free. Finally they are. I suffered for a couple of years, took the steroid shots and was scheduled for surgery. My husband found the Carpal Solution on the computer and it is like a miracle. My hands no longer hurt. You are a gift to society.”

Esther – Patient Advocate, Gardening and Cooking – Franklinton, LA – Louisiana.

“Dear Sir or Madam:
Three months ago, my left hand was virtually useless. I could not bend it, nor did I have any real grip strength, even in the fingers. When vitamin pills fell to the floor, I had to ask my husband to pick them up or use my right hand, as the left hand fingers could not bend enough to pick them up. An MRE (electrical impulse testing of the nerves) revealed moderate to severe carpal tunnel syndrome.

While I was waiting for the surgeon’s evaluation, I found My chiropractor had never heard of your product, but suggested that I give it a try…”couldn’t hurt,” he said…I started the therapy. By the end of one month, I was certain that I didn’t need the surgery that the MRE indicated was necessary, and now I am back to approximately 95% hand functionality. That’s important, since I am left-handed…

I am going to continue my nightly therapy for another month so that I get the remaining 5% back (I still have slight tingling in my middle finger) and have cancelled both the surgery and neurological follow-up that I scheduled “just in case this therapy doesn’t work.” I have also given the product information to my chiropractor, so that others can benefit from my experience.

Thanks for this innovative product!”

Fairfax, Virginia VA

Subject: Results
“Dr. Morgan,
This was not requested, but I would like to inform you that I have acquired outstanding results from the first treatment of CARPAL SOLUTION, which is leading me to re-order. You have my permission to use this email inform others.”

Major Chappell, Armed Services, Louisiana