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“I have had Carpal Tunnel Decompression surgery done in both of my hands…my right hand being more recent…Last November…I am now suffering the same symptoms of Carpal Tunnel in my Right hand again…is it possible for it to return even after having the operation…?   That is a depressing thought!”

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Carpal Tunnel Answer:

Thanks for your questions on the Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Sorry to hear that your symptoms have come back after surgery.   Carpal Tunnel comes back after surgery for over 80% of people. Sometimes it goes away for years before it comes back and people think they are cured. First time surgical procedures have a 50 – 60% success rate, while second surgeries have a lower success rate.   The success rate for a second Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery is in the range of 30-40% based on patient surveys. Some surgeons will not do second surgeries because of the lower success rate. Third surgeries for Carpal Tunnel have such a low success rate that Medical Text books recommend that they are not performed.

is it possible for carpal tunnel to return after my operationSo, going down the surgery road for this hand condition is not a good first option for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for most people. Unfortunately, surgery is not a permanent fix for CTS.   For this reason, it is recommended by most medical professionals, that surgery be considered as a last resort, after other viable, clinically documented treatments have been tried.

It can be a depressing path to have repeat surgeries and long rehabilitation periods, just to face the same condition over and over again. There is a better way.

The doctors at First Hand Medical and Neurologists around the world recommend that people start treating their Carpal Tunnel with the Carpal Solution Therapy. The Carpal Solution Stretching Therapy works for 97% of people.   It has been used by over 60,000 people around the world.

The Carpal Solution Therapy works even after people have had a surgical procedure for Carpal Tunnel Release and the symptoms come back.   The success rate is still as high as 90% using the Carpal Solution Therapy after Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

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