What is the graphic code used for on the final step of Check-Out?

The final step of the Check Out process requires one last security code that is in a jpg or graphic format to prevent fraudulent internet activity and multiple transactions that can occur with codes in digital format.

First Hand Medical takes your security seriously. You simply place the code shown in the graphic format to the left in the box below it on the left. This is a simple step, but it is something that only a person looking at the screen can do. It is an extra measure of secure internet transaction capability you will find in our state-of-the-art Shopping Cart. We hope you enjoy your secure internet shopping experience with First Hand Medical. An example is shown below for your convenience.


We are always working hard to assure that you have a secure, seamless, informed and enjoyable experience processing your Carpal Solution Order on the First Hand Medical website. Please forward any comments positive or negative to our email address below:

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We are committed to a high quality experience, the highest level of customer service and constant improvement in reaching out to CTS sufferers.

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