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What does Carpal Mean? The Carpal Solution – It Works!

where-did-the-word-carpal-come-fromLike many medical terms and words in scientific english, Carpal Tunnel is derived from the Greek word Karpos, which means wrist. Tunnel comes from the shape of the narrow passage surrounded mostly by bone and a strong ligament at the base of the hand under which the Median Nerve and nine tendons pass. The Median nerve and tendons combine to control precise feeling and movement in the fingers and hand. These bones and ligaments form a tight space, so when ever there is swelling of a tendon,the ligament or surrounding muscle or connective fascia tissue of the hand and wrist -painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often the result.

The word Syndrome in CTS comes from the fact that the pain, sleep interruption and weakness does not necessarily derive from a disease or one specific factor, but usually from a set of conditions know as repetitive stress induced strain and a host of possible metabolic conditions. In fact, there are over 15 different possible contributing factors to this frustrating condition. Hence the characterization as a “Syndrome” rather than a curable disease. It can not be cured – but can be managed effectively with non-invasive consistent and disciplined soft tissue therapy.

Repetitive stress often combines with metabolic conditions, such as diabetes, water retention or arthritis, to aggravate and inflame the soft tissue in and around the Carpal Tunnel. The swelling of the soft tissue compresses the Median Nerve against the tendons and the Transverse Carpal Ligament at the top of the Carpal Tunnel and brings on Carpal Tunnel Discomfort.

Carpal Solution Therapy gently decompresses and reshapes the soft tissue and relieves crowding of the Carpal Tunnel in weeks. Most people feel relief of their worst symptoms in days up to a few weeks. This proven Physical Therapyprovides the gentle consistent disciplined therapy needed over a six week protocol with minimum interruption to one’s busy life-style.

Carpal can refer to any of the bones of the carpus at the base of the hand and in the wrist.

Functional Anatomy: The wrist joint is composed of distal radial and ulnar surfaces, 8 carpal bones, and the proximal metacarpal bones. The distal carpal row consists of the following bones: hamate, capitate, trapezoid, and trapezium. The proximal row consists of the following bones: scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, and pisiform. The carpal bones are held together by a complex set of soft tissue including the interosseous, volar, and dorsal ligaments and a triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFC). There are over 27 bones that make up the anatomy of the hand and wrist. These are held together by the Transverse Carpal Ligament, Fascia Tissue, Muscle and Tendons of the hand, wrist and forearm. It is a complex web of soft and hard tissue that allows the miracle of hand dexterity to operate smoothly and without complication for most of our lives. We tend to take this miracle of precise movement for granted until something quits working the way it always has, then we wonder what is going on. The body also has a remarkable ability to heal itself naturally when the right kind of enabling therapy is applied. The Carpal Solution is over 97% effective in controlling Carpal Tunnel Symptoms in CTS sufferers without surgery or other risky and complicated procedures like oral pain medication or surgery

Not only has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often been confusing to understand and treat using the conventional health care methods, but it is commonly misspelled. Now the Carpal Solution offers a more reliable method to spell, understand and manage your symptoms without the complications, confusion and risks of restrictive splints, oral pain meds, steroid injections, and invasive surgery with long rehabs. On this website you will find authoritative information that will help guide your decision process with confidence and security and no risks. The Carpal Solution offers proven unique therapy that you can reliably depend on with our fear of complications or downtime.

Some Common Misspellings of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include:

Carpal Tunnell Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Sydrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrone
Carpal Syndrome
Carpal Tunal
Carpal Tunnel Syndrum
Carpal Tunnel Symdrome
Carpal Tunal syndrome
Carpal syndrome
Carpol tunnel pain
Carpol tunnel syndrome
Carpul tunnel pain
Carpul tunnel syndrome
Carpul tunel pain
Carpal tunel syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrum
Carpel tunnel syndrome
Carpel tunnel pain
Carpal tunel release
Carpal Muscle
Carpal tunnal
Carpal tunnal syndrome
Carpal tunnal pain
Carpal tunnel sydrome
Carpal tunnel sydrome
Carpul tunnel sydrome
Carpel tunnel sydrome
Carpol tunnel sydrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpul tunnel syndrome
Carpel tunnel syndrome
Carpol tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnal sydrome
Carpul tunnal sydrome
Carpel tunnal sydrome
Carpol tunnal sydrome
Carpal tunnel syndrone
Carpul tunnel syndrone
Carpel tunnel syndrone
Carpol tunnel syndrone
Carpal tunnal syndrone
Carpul tunnal syndrone
Carpel tunnal syndrone
Carpol tunnal syndrone
Carpal tunal syndrone
Carpul tunal syndrone
Carpel tunal syndrone
Carpol tunal syndrone
Carpal tunal syndrone
Carpul tunal syndrone
Carpel tunal syndrone
Carpol tunal syndrone
Carpal tunal syndrome
Carpul tunal syndrome
Carpel tunal syndrome
Carpol tunal syndrome
Carpal tunal syndrome
Carpul tunal syndrome
Carpel tunal syndrome
Carpol tunal syndrome
Carpal tunnal syndrome
Carpul tunnal syndrome
Carpel tunnal syndrome
Carpol tunnal syndrome

The correct spelling is: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For Relief Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms, Order the Carpal Solution Today.

  • Numb Hands
  • Loss of feeling in finger tips
  • Wrist Pain
  • Hand Pain
  • Thumb Pain
  • Dropping Things
  • Loss of Grip Strength
  • Chronic Sleep Loss
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Finger Pain
  • Forearm Pain
  • Clumsiness in Hand
  • Itching Palm
  • Burning Hand Pain
  • Chronic Cold Hands
  • Hands Feel Like Sandpaper
  • Irritability / Brain Fog
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Difficulty buttoning buttons
  • Groggy during the day
  • Elbow Pain

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