When can I expect relief from CTS Symptoms?

In most cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, some relief of symptoms has been achieved in the first night or two of using the Carpal Solution. Since each person has their own unique hand use pattern, anatomy variations and contributing metabolic conditions, every one responds somewhat differently to Carpal Solution Therapy. However, there are some common generalities that apply. In mild cases complete relief of symptoms has frequently been experienced in four or five nights. In moderate cases, symptom control has been achieved in ten days to two weeks, while in chronic cases full relief may take up to three or four weeks.

My Carpal Tunnel pain was so bad that I had tingling sensations in my hand all day and night. I’ve tried other conventional carpal tunnel techniques, including the braces and splints and have not had any success. The Carpal Solution is the only non-surgical technique that really works well. I began to see relief after the first night of use. I wore it every night for two weeks and now wear it every three or four nights.”

Jim -Airline Pilot -Georgia.

Even though patients often feel totally relieved of symptoms early in the protocol, it is recommended that you follow the full Soft Tissue Therapy program to achieve maximum long term benefit and prevent the return of symptoms. Soft tissue reshaping is a gradual process that will take six weeks for full benefit. The complete Six Week Protocol developed by Dr. Morgan working with his patients and wife (who avoided surgery) consists of wearing the Carpal Solution every night for two weeks, then every-other-night for the following four weeks.

Over 87% of CTS sufferers find complete relief of their symptoms after following the Six Week Protocol. Interestingly, about ten percent of CTS sufferers report about 80% relief of their symptoms after the Six Week Protocol, but have lingering mild symptoms. They are grateful to have the 80% relief, but are looking for something more. These users report that after using the Carpal Solution for another Six Weeks (a total of twelve weeks) they have been able to eliminate all of their symptoms. Doctors refer to this phenomenon as “Persistent Carpal Tunnel Symptoms”. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is cyclical and so once people break the cycle by increasing the flexibility of the soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel and dispersing the lymphatic fluids that create pressure on the Median Nerve, the Carpal Tunnel Condition will go away for two to five years.

One patient who got complete relief in 9 weeks, said, “I am so grateful for the Carpal Solution. I would have never believed that following the Carpal Solution Six Week Carpal Tunnel Stretching Program would have relieved any of my symptoms. But once I completed the Six Week Protocol and 70 to 80% of my symptoms were gone. I was ecstatic and confident that if I kept going I could get all my symptoms under control, even that annoying numbness at the finger tips. I understand that can be one of the last symptoms to go away. The surgeon that I talked to said it could take nine months to a year for the numbness at my finger tips to subside, even after a ‘successful Carpal Tunnel Surgery’. I thought wow, that is a long time to wait even after a successful surgery. So, when I experienced complete relief from the numbness and everything in just 9 weeks, I knew the Carpal Solution was the right program for me. When you think about it, passive carpal tunnel stretching exercise during sleep makes a lot of sense. I have to admit that at first, it just seem too easy, too good to be true. Believe me, It really works and I was a skeptic, but given the prospects of repeated surgeries and long rehab periods, I figured why not give The Carpal Solution a try. Well, I did and now I could not be happier. I am sleeping through the night again, I do not drop things any more. I can do all the things I used to take for granted. Even though it took me 9 weeks, it was so worth it! I tell all my friends about the Carpal Solution!”

Hand use activities make up a big part of who we are, what we do and how we serve others. Hand use is a defining characteristic of the human existence. Reclaim active use of your hands and get the restful sleep you need to be productive and invigorated during the day. Be proactive when it comes to securing your health and self esteem. Order the Carpal Solution Today! Relief from CTS without Surgery – That is a God send!