Can hand functionality be documented clinically while using the Carpal Solution?

“I wanted to drop you a line because I truly believe the Carpal Solution is the only reason I am able to do my job. I am a Purchasing Manager for an electronic repair facility. I have two computers on my desk and I use both for 8 to 9 hours daily. At the time I was introduced to your product, I was looking at how I was going to tell my husband that the pain and lack of strength in my right hand, had progressed to the point that I felt I could no longer do my job.This would have created a serious financial problem for us. We would not have been able to stay in the home we are in today. A new Sales Manager was hired in our company who is a natural health enthusiast. He spoke of many different supplements to help many of us with chronic health issues; as well as your product. He told me he had successfully used the Carpal Solution and suggested I give it a try. I have been using it on my right hand for nearly a year. I also have arthritis to complicate my carpal tunnel issue, so while I am not able to go without nightly use of it, I have pain free nights and days. My strength has returned and I feel confident that I will not need surgery to correct the problem. Without the Carpal Solution, surgery would be eminent, and job loss would come along with that.”

Michelle, Purchasing Agent–Michigan.

Physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals can track the progress of your hand functionality while using the carpal solution and during physical therapy with a couple of quick, non-invasive tests. The Jamar Dynamometer is the gold standard in measuring hand rehabilitation progress and for routine evaluation of hand and finger muscle function. It is particularly useful for patients with hand trauma and dysfunction due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Dynamometer represents an excellent way to track the hand’s response and progress associated with any hand muscle related therapy. The Jamar Pinch Tester is a great way to isolate muscle strength of specific digits such as the thumb which can be missed in the testing with the Dynamometer. Most Carpal Solution users have experienced dramatic improvement in grip strength and pinch test readings within just two weeks of starting the protocol. In a clinical trial, fourteen, of the eighteen hands treated (78%), experienced a 20% or greater Average Improvement in grip strength in just two weeks. See physician monitored clinical trial results.

JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

hand-functionality-top-picThe JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is an indispensable tool, to generate accurate and objective data required for reimbursable hand and forearm rehabilitation services. The Jamar Hydraulic dynamometer gives accurate and clinically reproducible grip strength readings. The unit has an adjustable 5-position handle with adjustments from 1 3/8″ to 3 3/8″, in half-inch increments, allowing for full profile development of muscle, bone and tendon function in the hand, wrist and fingers.

The Peak-hold needle automatically retains the highest reading until reset. This maximum strength indicator facilitates accurate maximum strength readings. Use of average testing of three squeezes assures no anomalies and highly reproducible results. The Jamar Hand Dynamometer is ideal for routine screening of hand muscle function. It is also particularly useful for initial and ongoing evaluation of clients with hand trauma and dysfunction due to carpal tunnel syndrome. The Dynamometer represents an excellent way to track the hand’s response and progress associated with therapy. Isometric design ensures accurate, reproducible results.

The Jamar Hand Dynamometer is the definitive test for muscle functionality in the hand and has set the standard for measuring and analyzing hand dysfunction.

JAMAR Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

hand-functionality-middle-picUnlike conventional pinch gauges, the JAMAR Hydraulic Pinch Gauge’s unique design allows accurate development of a true pinch pattern. A highly accurate pinch-force measurement, devoid of interference, is the result. The Red indicator needle remains at maximum reading until reset easing the reading of accurate measurements. It measures pinch force up to 45 lbs. The pinch test used in combination with the Jamar Hand Dynamometer provides conclusive data regarding hand functionality with reliable reproducibility.

Some people want to do a nerve conductivity study on either side of the Carpal Tunnel on the Median Nerve to confirm that there is no more nerve inhibition on the median nerve. You can learn more about the anatomy and what is Carpal Tunnel here. This would be a relevant approach for a clinical study documenting the improvement to others and to clinicians and medical researchers. However, when the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Subside, the individual can be sure that the pressure is off the nerve and they are healed from this dreadful condition. It does not mean that it will not come back at some point. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes back even after a successful Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Also, if you start feeling better from your worst symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, then you know the Carpal Solution Therapy is working for you. Once you have seen any improvement, the doctors at First Hand Medical encourage you to continue with the Natural Carpal Solution Therapy until your symptoms are in complete remission. Most patients think it is wonderful to have a natural way to control their Carpal Tunnel and get the relief they need to stay active; without resorting to invasive procedures, like steroid injections, or Carpal Tunnel Surgery that present many potential risks and complications.

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