Can the Carpal Solution be worn during the daytime?

The Carpal Solution was designed to be worn at night while you are asleep, when the hand is in a relaxed position.

Combining active hand use during the day with gentle decompression of soft tissue at night while sleeping, the Carpal Solution allows an ideal rhythmic therapy with no muscle atrophy or down time.

It is not necessary to wear the Carpal Solution during the day. However, many patients report that the Carpal Solution brace feels so good when it is on their hand during the first week or two of therapy, that they want to wear it during the day as well as the night. Dr. Morgan recommends to these patients that it is ok to wear the Carpal Solution for up to 16 hours per day (24 hour period). However, the soft tissue in the hand and the skin both need at least an eight hour rest from the therapy each day. It is important to keep in mind that a key part of the hand’s rehabilitation is rebuilding muscle mass through normal use once CTS pain is relieved. More gentle stretching of the soft tissue in the Carpal Tunnel area is better up to the sixteen hours of continuous wearing of the Carpal Solution. Then you need a break from the Carpal Tunnel Treatment until you retire to bed the next night.

Most people only wear the Carpal Solution during the night during sleep and get excellent results. Some computer users say they can type and enter data up to ten times faster while wearing the Carpal Solution braces because they have better sensitivity in their fingers while the Carpal Tunnel Stretching Brace is on there hand.

It can also be useful to look into ergonomic improvements to assure good posture and optimum hand and arm positioning during the day in your work station to minimize the effects of repetitive stress. Good ergonomics and posture using optimized tools and equipment can also help at home during your day time hours as you do hobbies or work in the garden or kitchen.

Hand and finger tendon stretching during the day is complimentary to Carpal Solution Therapy. The tendons of the fingers all run through the Carpal Tunnel on their way up to the form arm muscles. So, taking ten minutes to stretch your hands and tendons three or four times a day can also be helpful to this condition and compliments the Carpal Solution Therapy. Stretching your hands and fingers on the edge of a table, desk or wall with gently increasing tension for one minute intervals with thirty seconds of rest in between each stretch. Doing these three times in a ten minute segment when you can remember or have time to fit it in is helpful, but difficult for most of us busy people to do. That is why the Carpal Solution is so effective, it is consistently applied for eight hours every day for the first two weeks followed by every other day for the next four weeks in the Six Week Protocol.

The consistent gentle stretching provided by the Carpal Solution throughout the night is the key to successfully managing CTS naturally without surgery, steroid injections or risking the complications of oral pain medication.

A video on supplemental daytime hand stretches will soon be available on this website. Check back again soon to learn more.

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