Health Insurance Reimburses for Carpal Tunnel Treatment as a “Home Medical Device”

Sonia Tells How Kaiser Health Insurance Reimburses for Carpal Solution Treatment as a“Home Medical Device”“I have been an Administrative Assistant for over 15 years and I had struggled with CTS for years.

My days usually consist of using my hands for all kinds of things, especially typing on a computer. I was diagnosed as “Moderately Severe” in both wrists per nerve conduction testing.

The pain radiated from my wrists to my shoulders, to behind my neck. MRI testing showed no bulging discs or abnormalities. This pain and sleeplessness has taken a lot of joy from my life for years.

Would you believe when the pain is at its worst, I wake… up from the pain and sit straight up in bed for hours attempting to sleep upright?! I was sleep deprived and felt like a zombie during the day – Not my usual bubbly self.

As I never had good enough medical insurance to cover enough of the cost of the surgery, I was desperate for relief. I am glad I did not go the surgery route. It comes back even after surgery and there are risks.

I tried weekly acupuncture for over a year, supplements/ointments (pain creams), prescription medication, stretching exercises and physical therapy, ultra sound massage, wrist braces, etc.

– while some of these items helped a little, NOTHING compares to the immediate and significant relief that these Carpal Solution Bands, provide!

Nothing has ever been as quick, easy, convenient, and cost effective either!

It is an added bonus that my insurance reimbursed me a significant amount as it’s considered a “home medical device.” First Hand makes it easy with all the codes you need.

My Carpal Tunnel Symptoms have gone into complete remission. I whole-heartedly recommend these Carpal Solution Bands to anyone – and it is the first item I would purchase if any of my loved ones started to have the same kind of pain and Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

Each band works out to be about $3 each – worth every penny when you consider the cost of all the items I’ve tried and the money I have wasted on treatments that do not work or only provide a little relief for a short time. You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and suffering by skipping all these other treatments and using the Carpal Solution Stretch Bands first. It is My Carpal Tunnel Solution!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Hillsboro, Oregon