Carpal Tunnel Home Remedy Gets Top Home Healthcare Award


Dr. Morgan, the physician inventor and First Hand Medical have received the Top Award for Home Healthcare Products in 2004 from Eureka Medical’s expert medical Advisory Board for the home remedy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome known as “The Carpal Solution“.

Dr. Jerome Grossman, MD Chairman of Eureka Advisory Board and Director of The Healthcare Delivery Project at Harvard’s Kennedy School stated, “The Carpal Solution represents a new class of medical device. This type of product will become the preferred method to treat pain right at the source relying on the body’s natural healing mechanisms, rather than treating pain systemically with medication which can affect the vital organs of the body.”

The Carpal Solution offers CTS suffers relief from the symptoms and hand pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, without the complications of oral systemic medication and the risks of invasive surgery.” Dr. Grossman continued, “Dr. Morgan developed the concept for this breakthrough therapy while working directly with his patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome based on first hand experience. Dr. Morgan is a great illustration of our innovation model.

We believe that a practicing physician is best suited to develop breakthrough therapies as they bring their creative problem solving capability to bear directly on patient issues. No one understands the space better.”

“A survey of customers of the Carpal Solution reports 97% of users are highly satisfied. This is a remarkably high rate of satisfaction for a consumer health product and a tribute to the ease of use of this non-invasive, all natural Solution to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Ease of use is one of the most compelling features of the Carpal Solution. Home remedies are preferred by consumers because they are convenient and offer people suffering from chronic conditions like CTS, a cost effective way to access the right therapy in the privacy, convenience and comfort of their home. It is the consistency of using the Carpal Solution routinely for long periods of time while the hand is relaxed during sleep over the Six Week Protocol that allows such a remarkably high success rate. The convenience, ease of use, privacy and gentle stretching applied correctly and consistently that allows people to gain control of this frustrating hand/wrist syndrome. Weekly massage by a physical therapist or hand therapist is just not routine and consistent enough to achieve the same effect and even if it were possible to visit a clinic for daily stretching therapy, the cost would be prohibitive.”

Over 75 million people suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome globally. The incidence is higher in industrialized countries where assembly line repetitive task manufacturing is highly organized with specialized manufacturing tasks done over and over again and in communities where information technology has driven high use of computer keyboards, computer mouse devices, computer gaming joy sticks (like the X-Box or Play Station or Guitar Hero or Wii gaming equipment) and hand held electronic texting devices like the Blackberry, Palm devices, the iPhone, etc. In the USA, The United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China, India, Ireland, South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada and other technologically advanced countries where both drivers are strong and the diagnosis of chronic CTS is growing by over 10% per year. The incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is reaching epidemic proportions.

The high incidence of CTS is putting strains on the medical systems around the world, with long waiting periods for elective surgery in national health systems and astronomically increasing costs for private insurers. Carpal Tunnel Surgery is the most performed surgery in the USA increasing the economic strains on private health insurance and leaving a swath of unsatisfied patients in the wake. A reliable home healthcare treatment for CTS, like the Carpal Solution is easing the strain on all and most importantly getting patients the relief they need without the frustrating and painful wait or the rush to a over-invasive surgical solution with all the inherent risks.

We ship the Carpal Solution to all of these international destinations everyday to help people from all over the world control their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms without surgery and without downtime or the complications of oral pain medication or steroid injections.

The Carpal Solution is applied at night during sleep. So, there is no downtime. Most users find relief from their worst CTS Symptoms early in the short six week protocol. However, Dr. Morgan said, “I strongly suggest that CTS sufferers follow the complete protocol to maximize the benefit. Soft Tissue Therapy is a gradual process and needs time for maximum long-term benefit.” He continued, “It is gratifying to be able to offer the many people who suffer from repetitive stress induced Carpal Tunnel Strain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a way to regain their hand use and lead a full active life without hand pain, sleep disruption or the risks of surgery.”

First Hand Medical is a leading supplier of a new class of home medical products for proactive healthcare consumers that are looking for better Home Remedies, to the common ailments, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our aim is to work on the sectors where the healthcare delivery system has fallen short of patient expectations. With products like the Carpal Solution, First Hand offers CTS sufferers clinically proven, convenient and focused therapy that has been evaluated and sanctioned by a leading panel of medical professionals. Now people can get relief of their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms confidently without the complications of oral pain medication or invasive surgery.

For repetitive stress disorders, like the Carpal Tunnel Condition, a home remedy that is consistent with alternative medical principles, that you have easy access to, has no complications, is private and convenient, is all natural and can be used consistently and can easily be repeated when you experience flare-ups without fear of complications; is the ideal medical treatment.

Flare-ups with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms are common even after surgical procedures. This is why the Carpal Solution is the best home remedy for CTS. It is effective, simple to use, convenient, cost effective and all natural so you can go back to it over and over again as you need it during busy and stressful times of life. These difficult stressful times are often when repetitive stress disorders reappear. Just when you need them the least. Get the peace of mind of finding a Carpal Tunnel treatment that works, is safe and you can return to whenever you might need it and keep those frustrating symptoms at bay.

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As patient care moves from long hospital stays to out-patient surgery and from out-patient surgery to physical therapy in a clinic, the ultimate application of this trend is to have a reliable home remedy that has been evaluated and approved by a panel of medical experts, has been clinically tested, is registered with the FDA and has a strong history of success in the patient population of over 97%, was developed by a doctor working with patients and expert medical device designers and carries a money back guarantee on a website that is tested and verified as hacker safe by McAfee and Geotrust on a daily basis. McAfee and Geotrust are some of the most trusted names in verifying internet commerce and computer security. The Carpal Solution is as good as it gets.

Many home remedies fail because of the inconvenience and difficultly in applying them correctly and consistently at home without supervision. The Carpal Solution’s success rate stems from the convenience, intuitive application instructions and ease in which people can correctly apply it and use it for eight hours during sleep consistently over the Six Week Protocol. This amounts to effective physical therapy for Carpal Tunnel applied for about one third of each day for two weeks followed by every other day for four weeks. It also works so quickly that people begin seeing relief in the first few days or up to two weeks. Quick and lasting relief from an all natural home therapy – is a great formula for a successful consumer health product. This is why the Carpal Solution is so remarkably effective for such a large segment of people suffering from CTS.

Hands are a defining part of the human condition.

Active Hands for Life – without downtime or risky complications – Imagine the possibilities!

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