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About Us – The Carpal Tunnel Solution Story

First Hand Medical is a leading supplier of a new class of medical products for proactive healthcare consumers that are looking for better solutions to the common ailments such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our aim is to identify sectors where the healthcare delivery system has fallen short of patient expectations. With products like The Carpal Solution, we offer consumers proven therapy directed at the source of the ailment, avoiding the complications of systemic oral pain medication or high risk and potential complications of invasive surgery.

Our products are designed for the well informed, proactive health consumer who is looking for practical healthcare solutions that work. First Hand was founded in the heart of high technology corridor along route 128 just outside Boston. The Boston area is a recognized world center of innovation for new life science technologies.

Dr. Morgan, the physician inventor of the Hand/Wrist Restorer (now called The Carpal Solution) has won the Top Award for Home Healthcare Products in 2004 from Eureka Medical’s expert medical Advisory Board, lead by Dr. Jerome H. Grossman, MD, Director of The Healthcare Delivery Project at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Dr. Grossman stated, “The Carpal Solution represents a new class of medical devices and will become the preferred method to treat pain right at the source. The Carpal Solution offers CTS suffers relief from the symptoms and hand pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, without the complications of medication and the risks of invasive surgery.” Dr. Morgan had developed the concept for this remarkable product while working with many patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

However, Dr. Morgan was busy running a demanding medical practice and found little time to devote to new product development. When his wife developed an increasingly difficult case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, he was motivated to action. Dr. Morgan then quickly developed a reliable new therapy which relieves CTS pain at the source without the complications of oral medication or the risks of invasive surgery. We have Dr. Morgan’s dear wife to thank for, what we now called the Carpal Solution.

You also may have heard it called the Hand/Wrist Restorer or Simply the Hand Restorer, Dr. Morgan’s first name for the product. It was renamed, The Carpal Solution to help people quickly understand the problem being addressed. The Carpal Solution is clinically documented and FDA registered as a non-invasive therapy for rapid relief of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Review Clinical Study. The Carpal Solution was developed based on first hand experience of a doctor working with patients to find a better treatment protocol. The Six Week Protocol was developed working with patients to find the optimum way to treat this debilitating hand condition.

Eureka Medical made the introduction to First Hand Medical to help Dr. Morgan expand the knowledge of this breakthrough Carpal Tunnel Therapy to the tens of millions of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers around the world who are actively looking for alternatives to surgery, pain pills and inactivity.

The Carpal Solution Therapy is not another immobilizing brace for day use, nor is it a night splint.

It offers a unique approach to Carpal Tunnel treatment using gentle soft tissue reshaping therapy to reduce pressure on the median nerve caused by repetitive stress and swelling of the soft tissue at the base of the hand. Over 95% of the people suffering from the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome find the Carpal Solution helps them eliminate the pain, sleep loss and lost earnings that are typical of chronic CTS caused by repetitive stress.

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Dr. Morgan and First Hand Medical are now working together to promote the Carpal Solution to those who need it most. If you have questions for Dr. Morgan, the physician inventor, please visit www.mycarpaltunnel.com and click on the Ask Dr. Morgan link or send an email directly to relief@mycarpaltunnel.com.

First Hand Medical is your source for responsible medical information and reliable products. We bring a unique high-touch personal approach to customer service led by our Customer Service Manager, Ms. Donna Voiland. Donna brings a native friendly and engaging commitment to excellence and professionalism to every conversation. Please feel free to reach out to Donna and her team to place orders, ask questions, or share a testimonial and constructive suggestions for improving our services. Donna looks forward to hearing from you at phone (1) 781-229-5878 or email at relief@MyCarpalTunnel.com

jeff my carpal tunnelFirst Hand Medical is a medical device leader operating from its headquarters in the heart of Boston’s Medical Innovation Corridor along the route 128 Beltway. First Hand was founded by Eureka Medical and an experienced team, successful in bringing a new class of innovative medical products to market that offer improved convenience and are less invasive for the patients to self-apply.

It is guided and backed by Eureka’s Medical Advisory Board and renowned angel investors in the Boston area such as Professor Clayton Christensen, Innovation Thought leader at Harvard Business School, as well as some of the leading Angel Investors in the Northeast: Royalty Capital Management’s Arthur Fox and the Breakfast Club’s Mort Goulder to name a few.

It is led by Managing Director, Jeffery C. Conley, a successful life science corporate executive, and a thriving serial entrepreneur focused on less invasive medical devices and self-applied home healthcare products.

There is no need to continue suffering and losing sleep. Get Started today with Carpal Solution Therapy – A Better Way to Control your symptoms without downtime, complications, expense or risks to your profession.

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 50,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

You can view more detailed video user reviews of The Carpal Solution in 7 different languages on our YouTube video channel called: MyCarpalTunnelSolution

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