What are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be confusing and deceptive. The first symptom people usually notice is that their fingers tingle and hands become numb while they are sleeping and they wake up frequently during the night. Most people do not even realize that they have carpal tunnel syndrome and attribute waking up to sleeping on their hands in an awkward position. Early detection and treatment is important to checking the progression of the symptoms.

Routine Sleep interruption from any cause has serious health implications and should be addressed with a strong sense of urgency. Routine sleep disorders have been linked directly to cardiopulmonary disease, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, heart arrhythmia, insulin resistance, vascular inflammation, etc.

Some of the other sure signs of this hand wrist disorder besides numb hands at night include:

Cold hands with warm forearms due to constriction of blood circulation in and around the carpal tunnel. Restricted blood circulation is a contributing factor to chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Burning pain that runs up the center of the forearm —as far as the shoulder and neck.

Decreasing grip strength causing you to drop objects or the inability to make a fist.

Unable to perform fine motor tasks such as writing or tying a shoe.

Hand dysfunction can lead to lost earnings, time away from work and loss of self esteem as a contributor at work and at home, some suffers even experience depression.

Weak hands and inability to support one’s self with hands on stairs, with a cane and in other precarious situations.

Inhibited hand and wrist movement.

Pain and or numbness in the thumb, index or middle fingers.

Constant aching of the upper shoulder and neck.

Swollen sensation in the fingers.

Loss of feeling sensation in fingers and or thumb.

If you have any combination of the signs of Carpal Tunnel listed above, then you very likely have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and can move forward with confidence with non-invasive natural therapeutic treatment regimens like the Carpal Solution Therapy. There are no risks to trying the Carpal Solution while you wait to meet with your doctor to confirm your self diagnosis.

The only way a doctor can absolutely confirm his diagnosis and your self diagnosis is with a Nerve Conductivity Study. These studies are somewhat expensive and can range between $500 and $1200 and some people report that they are very painful events. Others say the Nerve Conductivity Study is not painful at all. Like most things with Carpal Tunnel, here again, people experience very different responses to nerve issues in the body.

The cumulative effect of dealing with these symptoms over a long time period often results in depression and mental stress which can actually result in a spiraling cyclical effect which contributes to worse hand discomfort and wrist dysfunction. This is why it is important to learn how to manage this often chronic disorder proactively, non-invasively, with minimum downtime and at a reasonable cost with a natural therapy that works. Carpal Solution Therapy is a reliable natural treatment without complications or downtime – it fits well with an active person’s life style because you treat yourself at night while you sleep and for over 95% of CTS sufferers, the Carpal Solution eliminates their symptoms. It is a the best first line of defense for active people.

If you are experiencing any combination of these symptoms it is highly likely that you have Carpal Tunnel. While using the Carpal Solution it is recommended to seek confirmation of the diagnosis and identify the potential causes of your condition with your physician. There are over 15 contribution factors or causes of Carpal Tunnel disorder and it is important to identify what might be contributing to your symptoms. But there is no need to wait to get control of the numbness interrupting you sleep or causing you to be less productive at work or at play. Be Proactive about your health and your self esteem. You now have a proven therapy with which to fight back.

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