New Medical Device Redefines Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Solution™ offers sufferers safe alternative to drugs and invasive surgery


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Salt Lake City, UT – September 9, 2004 — First Hand Medical today announced new direct to consumer availability of The Carpal Solution, the first low cost, non-invasive medical device that relieves the pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This device has been distributed by leading medical device suppliers to physicians, clinics, wellness centers and natural healing clinics for years, but is now widely available directly to consumers. FDA Registered and clinically documented, The Carpal Solution is the latest in a new and popular class of therapeutic devices that safely treat pain at the source, as opposed to medicinally or through invasive surgery. Over 75 million people worldwide suffer from CTS1.

Developed by Dr. Clyde Morgan, a physician specializing in the treatment of CTS, The Carpal Solution offers CTS sufferers an effective treatment that has been clinically-proven and is non-invasive. Applied in the evening before sleep, the device gently reshapes soft tissue in and around the Carpal Tunnel and quickly eliminates hand pain and numbness in days. The Carpal Solution allows sufferers to get back to a full nights sleep and an active life without downtime or complications. Prior to this therapeutic approach, sufferers’ only options have been oral systemic medications (with well-known side effects); rigid immobilizing day wrist splints and night time cock-up splints that are both uncomfortable, ineffective and result in muscle atrophy and further injure already damaged tissue; localized steroid injections and invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery in which relapses are common. There are few therapeutic areas in medicine where patient dissatisfaction with the standard treatment protocol is higher.

“The Carpal Solution is a breakthrough in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, not only because of its great success with patients, but because it is so easy for people to use,” said Jerome Grossman, MD, Director of The Healthcare Delivery Policy Project at Harvard’s Kennedy School. “The Carpal Solution effectively relieves the symptoms and hand pain of CTS without the complications of oral systemic medication and the risks of invasive surgery. This breakthrough therapy was developed from first-hand experience working directly with patients suffering from CTS. For a condition that reoccurs even after surgery, having an effective home remedy that can be self applied at night without downtime, conveniently, whenever it is needed, is the ideal type of treatment!”

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The widespread availability of this medical device comes at a time when CTS is reaching epidemic proportions, particularly in industrialized countries like the United States where information technology has driven the high use of computer keyboards. CTS most often affects people who engage in repetitive hand movements, so in addition to office workers, it is common among musicians, gardeners, factory workers, cashiers, etc. It is estimated that the median time lost from work is about 32 days per patient, more than any other health-related cause, including back pain2.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) estimates that work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), including CTS, in the United States account for over 600,000 injuries and illnesses that are serious enough to result in days away from work and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) finds that 34 percent of all lost workday injuries reported to them are due to MSDs.

CTS is a hidden disability, because although many sufferers live with severely restricted hand activity and loss of sleep due to the numbness and pain, they appear to be normal and it is unknown to others what activities are being sacrificed. Sleep loss due to hand numbness is the most common, but often overlooked, symptom of CTS. Many CTS sufferers keep their symptoms hidden because they do not want to be considered “disabled” or viewed as less productive. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has also been documented to lead to depression and the common irritability resulting from chronic sleep loss can compromise important relationships. There is no need to wait any longer risking your work and relationships. Delaying treatment only worsens the condition. The Carpal Solution gives CTS sufferers a proactive treatment option that will relieve their pain but not disrupt their lives.

Michelle M. Robin, D.C., Founder & CEO of Your Wellness Connection in Shawnee, Kansas is a leading proponent of preventative wellness in medicine. She has been recommending The Carpal Solution to her patients for the last eighteen months with remarkable results. “More than 90 percent of my patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome receive relief from their symptoms in less than ten days using the Carpal Solution.”

The Carpal Solution gently tugs simultaneously at three key points on the palm surrounding the carpal tunnel during sleep. Consistent gentle pulling action applied for 6 to 8 hours while the hand is relaxed, decompresses and reshapes the soft tissue around the carpal tunnel. The Carpal Solution combines this patented gentle soft tissue reshaping method during sleep with active use during the day. This results in an ideal rhythmic therapy for rapid relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms with no muscle atrophy or down time. The hand rehabilitates through normal use once pain is relieved.

“Immobilizing braces that are uncomfortable and can cause muscle atrophy, generally do not work for most CTS sufferers. Localized steroid injections are not a viable long-term treatment, and high-risk invasive surgery results in months of down time and rehabilitation and only works in about 50 to 60 percent of the cases,” stated Dr. Robin. “Often surgeons counsel CTS sufferers to change careers or face repeat surgery. The Carpal Solution is an ideal treatment for preventive wellness of the hand.”

“Most users of The Carpal Solution find relief from CTS symptoms early in the six week protocol, but I strongly suggest that CTS sufferers follow the complete protocol to maximize the benefit,” said Dr. Morgan. “Soft tissue therapy is a gradual process and needs time for maximum long-term benefits. It is gratifying to be able to offer the many people who suffer from repetitive stress induced Carpal Tunnel Strain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a way to regain their hand use and lead a full active life without hand pain, sleep disruption or surgery.”

The Carpal Solution is now available directly to CTS sufferers through a variety of consumer preventative wellness product suppliers such as Full of Life (, with nationwide distribution planned through local pharmacies and retail outlets. Individuals can learn more about CTS and order The Carpal Solution at their convenience from Leading suppliers of medical devices to physicians and clinics such as Scrip Inc. (, LSI International ( and Sammons Preston Rolyan (, also offer this proven medical breakthrough.

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