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Medical Expert on Medical Device FDA Approval Process and Regulatory Affairs Management Advice

President and CEO of Medical Device Consulting, Inc., Expert in Medical Device Consulting and Regulatory Affairs, Expert on FDA Regulatory Approval and Registration Process, Advisory Board First Hand Medical – 35 Years of Expert Experience.

Mr. William A. Morton Has been a leader in providing regulatory affairs advice to medical suppliers for over 35 years. He Served as President MDCI – the leading FDA consulting firm to medical device companies globally for over a decade. MDCI has since been acquired by Aptiv Solutins He served as Chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Certification Board for Medical Products and Services. Mr. Morton has over thirty-five years of experience in the field of medical device research, development, and regulatory compliance.

Mr. Morton is a member of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) and has served in various leadership positions in this renown professional society for medical device management. Mr. Morton serves on the Advisory Board of First Hand Medical. He is on the Editorial Advisory Boards for Medical Product Outsourcing and serves as the Chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Certification Board. He holds a B.S. degree in Materials Science from San Jose State College and is Regulatory Affairs Certified (RAC).

Prior to founding MDCI in 1980, he was Director of Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Studies for AVCO Medical Products Division of AVCO Corporation. Mr. Morton has contributed numerous publications to the scientific literature, and is a member of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society and the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs.

“As a non-invasive treatment for Carpal Tunnel that carries a 97% success rate, the Carpal Solution represents a powerful class of medical devices that has the potential to save billions of dollars in surgery costs and rehabilitation in the healthcare industry. Managed Care Health companies and Health Insurance providers should find this treatment extremely compelling because it can save them billions of dollars per year. In the medical device industry simple products with low risks and high success rates always prove to be the most powerful products for change and improvement.
The FDA loves to see non-invasive treatments that are highly effective replace invasive procedures that have risks, downtime and are expensive to the healthcare delivery system. The Carpal Solution is the best first line treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

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