Mr. Theodore R. Kucklick – Medical Device Expert Consultant

Expert on Medical Device Design and Development – Leading Author of Seminal Handbook on Medical R&D

Theodore R. Kucklick (Ted Kucklick) is President and Chief Technology Officer at Cannuflow, Inc. He is a leading medical device designer who brings 30 years’ experience in hands-on design, development and commercialization of medical devices, including RF ablation devices, microwave catheters for minimally invasive therapy, in-home diagnostics devices, surgical closure devices, carpal tunnel treatment, battery-powered devices, disposables, and general surgery tools.

Mr. Kucklick is the author of the Medical Device R&D Handbook. He stated: “I wanted to write a handbook that I wish had been available when I first started working in medical device design. Our goal was to see the essential practical information on how to develop medical devices compiled in one reliable resource. The intent is to serve as a guide to young medical design professionals on how to develop medical devices in an optimal way to benefit the people that depend on medical devices to diagnose, treat and cure disease.”

Mr. Kucklick has been involved in the early-stage development and commercialization of devices for companies such as Vidamed, Oratec, Neomend, Somnus, Curon, Starion Instruments, Sleep Solutions, RITA Medical, First Hand Medical and Boston Scientific.

“Ted Kucklick provides unique insight to our expert advisory team with a strong combination of hands on experience, first class educational background and 30 years of best practices in medical device design and development.”

Doctor Jerome Grossman, MD
Chairman First Hand Medical Expert Advisory Board

Best Practice in Medicine = Clinically Documented Least Invasive
Are Utilized First

“It is rewarding to see a non-invasive medical device, like the Carpal Solution Treatment, reach such a high level of success with patients. It reduces costs, improves patient outcomes, it is simple to apply and it is effective for 97% of patients. It is gratifying to see that the application work we developed for this remarkable product has worked so well for so many patients with a high compliance rate.”

Mr. Theodore R. Kucklick
First Hand Medical Expert Advisory Board Member

“The best practice for treatment of a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, that keeps coming back even after surgical procedures, is to use the least invasive clinically documented treatment procedures first – Before going on to more invasive procedures that create irreversible scar tissue, damage to cartilage and permanent loss of grip strength. The Carpal Solution represents the best practice in the first line treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”