What is The Cost of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

copay for carpal tunnel surgery

A lot of people believe that because they have insurance it would be a good idea to go ahead and have Carpal Tunnel Surgery, thinking that the surgery represents a permanent fix.   Well, first of all, this procedure is not a permanent fix for CTS. It comes back for 85% of people within 6 months to 7 years.   Secondly, most health insurance is designed to have co-pays and deductibles, so the patient shares expenses and has “some skin in the game.”  Thirdly, Carpal Tunnel Surgery has a low success rate on patient surveys. It comes in at a: 50% -60% success rate. So, you might want to get the facts before you act.

Out-of-pocket expenses for the patient for this surgical procedure average $ 1,200 even for people with solid health insurance.   It is important to understand what costs you will incur both out of pocket and personally with any surgical procedure. The process can be complicated and confusing.

what is the cost of carpal tunnel surgeryIt seems like health care is the only segment of our economy where full-disclosure of costs is not required, and not the norm. They just tell you to get surgery and schedule the time frame. There is rarely any discussion about the cost and who pays what.   If you bring it up they just tell you to talk to your insurance.

The total cost of the surgical procedure if you do not have health insurance, with anesthesia, etc. is usually in the range of $4,000 to $12,000.   Most people are surprised at the breadth of this range.  It depends on many factors.   The surgery only takes the surgeon about 15 minutes to a half hour to perform.

health insurance for carpal tunnel surgeryMore and more, affordable health insurance is becoming catastrophic in nature with relatively high deductible amounts and co-pays for everything. The deductibles must be met before the insurance covers any of the costs. Once a certain amount of out-of-pocket expenses are met by the patient (usually in the range of $2,000 to $4,000) then the insurance covers the rest.

Below you will find a framework to help you get your head around the potential costs you will likely encounter, if you do decide to undergo this procedure. We are confident this summary will help you to think through the potential costs as you make a decision.

  1. Direct Out of pocket expenses include:

a. Co-pays to see your primary care doctor and then a higher co-pay to see the hand surgeon specialists.
b. Deductibles – You first must reach your deductible and then pay the 20% or more of the total costs until you hit the catastrophic cap on your health insurance.
c. Co-pays for follow-up visits to the Surgeon post-surgery
d. Co-pays for rehabilitation visits to physical therapists (rehabilitation can take 8 weeks to one year)

what is the cost of carpal tunnel surgery
  1. There are costs associated with downtime and the time off work. You could lose earnings while you wait for your hands to heal and begin functioning again. You may have to use vacation time that you could have spent doing what you love to do.   There is a lot of time and transportation costs going to and from the physical therapists post-surgery for rehabilitation.
  1. The personal cots of not being able to function normally with your hand for six weeks to a year.   Most of us take our hands for granted until we lose function. Then the most basic activities can become challenging and take three times as long to perform. People have to give up hobbies, exercise, and sports activities until their hands return to normal.   Some people have to change their careers.
  1. It is hard to put a cost number on the exposure to risk when you undergo surgery. There are frequent complications with this procedure, hence the low patient rating on the success of the surgery. For example permanent loss of grip strength is common. Tenderness at the point of incision can also be a long-term consequence. Exposure to risk is a real cost that you should keep in mind as you make your decisions.   You can learn more about the potential risks on this website at:

                                                               Risks and Complications of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

wait list for carpal tunnel surgerySome people may be in a system of Socialized Medicine where the patient does not pay any of the costs of healthcare.     Most medical systems of this type consider Carpal Tunnel Surgery an “Elective Surgical Procedure” (not life threatening) and put you on a wait list. The wait depends on hundreds of factors and can range from months to years depending on the system you might be in.

With socialized medicine you still incur all of the risks, the downtime and loss of function.   All of these are hard to assign a cost number, but most people find it intolerable to wait and are frustrated with becoming less productive at work, trying to function with routine sleep deprivation and living with the hand pain or constant numbness curtailing their activity.

Quality of life takes a nose dive.  

Also, if the Carpal Tunnel Condition is disturbing your sleep, this is the most dangerous aspect of CTS.   It can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, anxiety, irritability and general unhappiness. Waiting and suffering may represent the highest cost of all.  What are the costs associated with the wait. You will have to decide.   Most will conclude, it is too high a price to pay personally.

woman in pain because of carpal tunnelWaiting and suffering may be the highest cost of all for anybody with Carpal Tunnel.

So, in summary the cost of surgery for Carpal Tunnel is complicated, but we hope this information helps you develop a framework to think through these issues and make the best decision for your situation.

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