Carpal Tunnel Therapy

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be excruciating and debilitating. Most people are hopeful that they can find a natural Carpal Tunnel therapy that helps them to control their symptoms without resorting to Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Steroid Injections, or embarassing restrictive splints that only immobilize the hand with no therapeutic effect. Escaping the ravages of this disorder, has historically been complicated and frustrating. After all there are so many possible contributing factors and conventional health care protocols have been so ineffective for so many CTS sufferers. So what can an informed, proactive patient do to speed up the recovery process?

At, you can learn more about one of the most effective and rapidly growing all natural therapies available for CTS, the Carpal Solution. Developed by an accomplished physician Dr. Clyde Morgan, the Carpal Solution is a comprehensive treatment that has demonstrated 95 percent success in clinical studies.

The professionals at First Hand Medical urge you to educate yourself as much as possible about CTS symptoms, therapies, and causes. As a chronic condition, many carpal tunnel sufferers have had to consistently work to manage their symptoms and lifestyles to keep the syndrome in check. In the past they have had to put whole segments of their former lives on hold. Now there is a better answer: the Carpal Solution.
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Dr. Morgan said, “Carpal Solution Therapy decompresses the soft tissue in a few days and reshapes its over the six week protocol. How quickly you will respond depends on the contributing conditions. This all natural therapeutic approach relieves pressure on the median nerve while enhancing nutrient rich blood circulation and fluid transport. In this way the Carpal Solution allows the body’s natural healing process to proceed unimpeded at the cellular level.”

In addition to alleviating wrist pain, finger numbness, and sore hands with the Carpal Solution, patients may wish to implement a variety of complementary therapeutic and ergonomic strategies. Some patients have found that regular hand and wrist massage works wonders. Others find improvements in their diet and nutrient intake can help with metabolic contributing factors. Some sufferers enjoy soaking their hands and wrists in alternating warm paraffin wax and cold ice water when symptoms flare up at peak levels. Most certified hand therapists and medical professionals who treat carpal tunnel syndrome also recommend a regimen of strengthening and stretching exercises together with appropriate ergonomics. Since there are so many contributing factors, a multi-faceted approach based on the Carpal Solution Therapy can work remarkable results.

Of course, each case of CTS is unique and different. First Hand Medical encourages CTS sufferers to speak with their doctors to get precise diagnoses and identify all contributing factors. You may also tap into the collective wisdom of patients and physicians here at through our interactive online forum.

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 50,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”