Carpal Tunnel Gloves

Longtime carpal tunnel patients often find themselves turning to new and unique medical products to service their condition. Yet the vast majority of these “carpal tunnel cures” are either ineffective, untested, or otherwise unregulated. The good news is that there is a reliable FDA-registered, doctor-approved, and clinically tested device on the market that may provide CTS sufferers (even long-term, severe sufferers) with significant relief quickly and complete remission of their symptoms for years in just a six week protocol.

The Carpal Solution was developed by Dr. Clyde Morgan, a leading physician, who created the system in order to treat his wife, who was suffering from CTS. The way it works is simple and intuitive. The Carpal Solution is a soft stretching carpal tunnel glove type device that patients can apply right before getting into bed at night. For six to eight hours, while you sleep, this brace stretches gently at the hand in three different places to provide a kind of soft tissue chiropractic therapy. Consistent gentle stretching with these comfortable Carpal Tunnel Gloves over six weeks reshapes the soft tissue and relieves pressure on the Median Nerve.

When Carpal Solution wearers awake, they often feel refreshed and revitalized. Proactive health care consumers are well read on the carpal tunnel condition and understand the difficulties of working and living with CTS. The Carpal Solution is unique in the sense that, unlike other therapies for CTS (like surgery, cortisone injections, and oral pain medications), this soft wrist brace alleviates inflammation non-invasively over an extended period of time.

Most carpal tunnel syndrome suffers get injured over a period of months or years. While conventional health care approaches, like cutting the transverse carpal ligament, only yield a 40 to 60 percent satisfaction ratio as judged by patient surveys, – the Carpal Solution Wrist Support Glove has generated a 97 percent satisfaction rate among users. Check out the rest of for advice, info, and ordering help call:

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The Carpal Solution Glove allows people to get back to
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Watch a Video Interview with Dr. Robin. Click on the arrow on the picture below, Dr. Michelle Robin is the Founder of Your Wellness Connection, in Shawnee, KS. She talks about symptoms and glove type orthotic treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and you will watch patients talk about their success controlling CTS with The Carpal Solution.
Patient Success is over 97%!

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The Carpal Solution gently stretches simultaneously at three key points on the palm surrounding the carpal tunnel during sleep. Consistent gentle stretching action applied for 6 to 8 hours while the hand is relaxed and supported, decompresses and retrains the soft tissue around the carpal tunnel relieving pressure on the Median Nerve. Carpal Solution Therapy combines this patented gentle soft tissue reshaping method during sleep with active use during the day. This results in an ideal rhythmic therapy for rapid relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms with no muscle atrophy or down time. The hand rehabilitates through normal use once pain is relieved. This is a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that works for over 97% of those suffering with CTS symptoms.

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The Carpal Solution has been used by over 60,000 people and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

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